Ministry and Mission News

Beloved in the Lord, we are glad to share with you all the Info and News of our Ministry and activities. We do hope that this will have an effect on your hearts and it could also motivate you to send us what the Lord has given or put on your hearts.

## Soon we are going to publish a Full Report about our Ministry activities. We are also keeping the OLD Reports for a reason.

Intentionally we did NOT publish them because some people abused our openness--- thank you for your prayer and understanding.

## It was a normal day, like any other day that Saturday, 23rd of April when we left home and drove to Nymperk; where Aglow National Conference was taking place. We were praying that the Lord would use the time and speak to His people...and to us too. Immediately after arrival He did; Sister Monika B. came and greeted us and we encountered many others who were joyful for seeing us. After being in the hall listening to the worship we went to have lunch and the Leader of Aglow Sister Alena Š. joined us and came to our table. We had a blessed time while there and many others, including Jim and Hulda B. and the wives of the pastors from BJB Church in Vysoke Myto Gabi and Kveta. In time we held our Seminar 'Women and Islam' and the Lord guided us His way; many were touched and we had a long discussion after that which exceeded our time limit. We were glad to answer questions, to take photos with many and to hear their assurance that they stand with us. We give praises to our Lord for allowing it to be so simple, but effective and pray that He'll use it for His glory.

## Our activities are reduced because of what we are waiting for, still the Lord blessed us when we received a call through Skype from the leader of Aglow in the Czech Republic (Alena Šelongova) on Tuesday, 19th of April. She confirmed to us the decision of the leaders that the invitation to Aglow National Conference stands and that we should come. She told us "We have spoken with pastors in the Czech Republic, including David Loula, and they agreed that you should come". We give thanks to our God for allowing us to serve Him and to speak the truth about "Women and Islam" and ask for His guidance, especially in this time of struggle and strife. We believe that our, as well as YOUR prayers have been answered and that our Lord wanted to send a signal. We know that He protects His people and those whom He sends to serve Him. Please be united with us in prayer and proclaim peace upon us and the gathering in Jesus holy name.

## We publish these activities today Monday, 18th of April and feel encouraged because the Lord blessed us mightily during the last few days since our return from Iraq. It is so encouraging to see WHAT the Lord's been doing 'behind the curtain' for us and for our protection as well as the confirmation of His revelations in our life. 

1. After a great success in Vienna with the Seminar about Islam with Dr. Bill Warner, the Lord blessed us through the meeting with the leadership of CSPI in Brno on the morning of Sunday, 17th of April. All went well with discussing the cooperation between ICOM and CSPI in order to create a NEW method and train leaders. Many issues were discussed including our coming trip to the States in September; Dr. Bill Warner promised to contact people there, arrange for a meeting/ conference and even for interview time in a radio station. From our side we decided to collect material and send them to Dr. Bill Warner in order to assess them before starting our own Data Base which we will make available to others cooperating with us. We also decided to motivate Christian leaders in the Czech Republic to finally MOVE and open their mouths about the true face of Islam. We want them to be motivated to really start moving and not only hiding and avoiding facing the bitter reality that Islam is attacking our civilization. It is agreed that we should do all as soon as possible because the time is ripe and the spiritual atmosphere is on our side. Your prayer is needed and you should motivate others to stand with us and also to pray.

2. We arrived in time in Haviřov to hold a Seminar and share and Pastor with his daughter were waiting for us at the railway station. We drove to the Church and there met with the leadership, discussed few issues including what Fond Generation 21 was doing but also the situation in Iraq. After prayer and fellowship we started in time; the place was full and people still continued coming. The sharing was perfect as guided by the Holy Spirit and people were touched, then we shared the Prophetic Word we had for the Czech Republic before final worship and prayer. The Lord blessed us in that one woman, who is 'living with a Muslim' for over 13 years gave her life to Jesus...hallelujah! We prayed with her and promised to visit them and speak to her friend about our faith; please keep them in your prayers.

## As ambassadors of Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and since we are here to preach Love and Peace, we have the assurance that HE, the Risen Christ, is always with us. Today Saturday, 16th of April, we are publishing this 'activity' just to let you know. Yes, He told us that in the world we will have tribulations, but He promised to take us through these tribulation and made us more than victorious in Christ Jesus. The press and TV stations were spreading what Fond Generation 21 was saying, but we kept quiet serving the Lord and His people. The time has come to tell the TRUE story; you will hear it from those refugees and will know what was really true. We are not here to express opinions, especially when the matter is so serious; facts should be presented, otherwise all who spoke against us must be held accountable. The Lord provided us with evidence and witnesses and all will be handed over to the authorities; justice must prevail. We are saddened because people who claim to be Christians caused the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be blasphemed. People are literally fed up with us Christians, because those who supposed to be the Ambassadors of the Christ, failed Him...and stood with the lie. We feel saddened to write THIS instead of other, wonderful activities like a Seminar in Vienna about Islam and Christianity which we held yesterday with Dr. Bill Warner from the USA. Or to inform you about the new building for the Good Shepard Baptist Church in Erbil and how God has doubled the number of believers attaining the Service there. Or our cooperation with CSPI to establish a Data Base for Christians worldwide in order to spread the Gospel of Peace and reveal the real face of Islam. We have much more news, but ask you to pray for us and our Ministry; we minister because we are called by Him "...Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it" Col 4:17. When you are called and sent by the Lord, you don't need a paper to show who you are; your deeds and words will express and make it visible for all to see.

## A lot happened since our last update which did not appear for technical reasons but today Thursday, 24th of March we are publishing our latest activities. The attack from the side of Fond Generation 21, as well as from our former coordinator Firas, is continuing. We are praying and walking in victory, because the Lord is our shield and we cannot and will not attempt to fight back. The truth will prevail and we want you to know that; we are publishing our



And you can read here or even download them. Please send us your Feedback because it is necessary to inform others too. We thank you that you keep us in your prayer and continue supporting us and our Ministry. May you enjoy His peace and joy.

## The time was running and we were in hurry to achieve things in time; praises be to our God we managed everything in time. Yes, we still had things hanging up because of Fond Generation 21 stand and it forced us to send another message as an E-mail. Many families were in need and we helped them with goods but also money, as visible from our Ministry Report as well as Videos. Finally on Thursday, 18th of February we met Jan Talafant and Dan Drapal at the hotel where they were staying. We discussed few issues and they said 'Let's forget about the past and start anew' and we agreed with them then had to leave because of some obligations. They supposed to stay at the hotel and then leave to the airport, as they told us, but later we found them in Camp Ashti 2 ! Brother Antony greeted them and said few things and they hurried up to leave, but we helped them and they took few photos then left to the centre of Erbil. We check everything with the other families, handed over the last money we supposed to give to one family then went back to our Mission House to prepare for departure. But finally at around 1 am on Friday, 19th of February we left to the airport.

It is a glorious day for us, because we've finally arrived with Iraqi Christian refugees in Prague, Czech Republic.

## As for today Sunday, 14th of February, we were in Prague, contacting people, giving interviews and holding a Seminar in Usti nad Labem, before preparing for our departure to Iraq at around 3 pm. The conversations we hold brought us new news and we discovered new proof that what we said and did until this moment, was according to the will of our God. We wanted matters to be clear thus we wrote Fond Generation 21 a clear message and asked them to stand with the truth, on which our foundation is based. Our communication with Iraq and our coordinator brought us other information; it was like a puzzle and the Lord delivered piece by piece and the picture became clearer everyday.

We encountered another Team with Brother Antony in Istanbul and on arrival in Erbil at around 3 am, we had to go through a lot of security checks. The Team was transporting over 600 Audio Bibles added to other Christian literature; though heavy and big, the Lord brought us through. We helped Antony and the Team to stay in our new Mission House in Ainkawa, while we drove to our Mission House. Immediately we prepared for the day and went to visit the fist Camp and talk to those families who've received the visa to the Czech Republic. We informed them about the necessary things they should do, helped with selecting stuff they could take with and informed them about formalities. Then we visited other families, read the Bible and preached the Gospel and before leaving we prayed for them. We still did not have any news from Fond Generation 21, but we were praying and trusting the Lord, because HE was the One Who motivated us to start this initiative. 

## Like in a battle field the news from the 'front' continue to reach us and we are active through the grace of the Lord to do what is necessary to save the lives of Iraqi Christian refugees. Today Friday, 12th of February we have mixed news and we start by asking YOU to stand with us and to pray. We are disturbed because of the 'no-communication' stand of Fond Generation 21 since the 4th of February, despite the fact that we, as ICOM, continue to help with the necessary official matters of the refugees. our coordinator, Brother Firas, continues helping them to obtain their visas and yesterday we received the passports of 33 refugees stamped with visa to the Czech Republic. We also wrote to and called Pastor David Loula, who came to visit and talk to us on Tuesday, the 9th of February. With him we discussed everything in a spirit of frankness and love and he was kind to affirm our stand on many points. But we also received OTHER disturbing news concerning the situation of those refugees who've already arrived in the Czech Republic! We are NOT going to publish them, but keep them documented as we are obliged to stand with the truth AND because of our obligation towards those refugees. They agreed to come to the Czech Republic because of what WE told them and we told them what we HEARD from Fond Generation 21 as mentioned in their agenda and Website.

We stand with the TRUTH and live the truth, as Jesus told us to, because we love Jesus and want to keep His commandments, thus we are documenting everything. Partnership means the other partner should be informed about everything, unfortunately the reality speaks absolutely different language. We do NOT see what was told and what is written in the Website of Fond Generation 21 as fulfilled, neither do we see their deeds fitting to their promises and that is the REAL reason behind the tragic situation we have today. Help us by praying FOR and WITH us, because we want to see success on all levels while helping Iraqi Christian refugees and serving Jesus. Ask the Lord to OPEN your eyes to the truth and please accept our words and statements as a cry for help and not as an accusation against others. May the Lord help us to stand.

## As we promised ICOM continued helping Fond Generation 21 with the processing of the Iraqi Christian refugees documents, helping them to have medical check and apply for visa at the Czech Consulate. Today Tuesday, 9th of February we want to inform you about the situation and what's been going on until now. There was an evil attack against us, which affected our unity, joy and harmony and it robbed us of our peace. Through prayer and reconciliation the Lord helped us to continue, despite few not resolved issues. Our goal though was and is to help the suffering Christians in Iraq and get them out of Iraq as soon as possible; the latest news prove we are right in our assertion. Our coordinator Brother Firas was filling the Application Forms, contacting families and transporting them to the hospital to be examined. Both Jan Talafant and Jan Dezort from Fond Generation 21 left Iraq early Sunday morning but our Team there, with Brother Firas, continued the work and they'll continue until all is done. Other Teams were also busy contacting those refugees who've arrived in the Czech Republic; the spirit of confusion seems to have reached every corner! They too had/caused troubles and though we were not contacted to 'sort it out', which we immediately did, though other issues are still need to be solved. Please continue praying and in spirit of humbleness and repentance we encourage you to pray for us. Pray that JESUS alone would be glorified through what we are been doing and claim heavenly wisdom for us and our Teams.

## It was very hard this time with all the interviews starting at around 8 am until 5 pm and the Christian refugees were emotional; it is still difficult for them to believe they are leaving for good! 

We were asked many times about the future and which kind of 'difficulties' they might face (meaning the language, way of life...etc). We comforted them with words from the Bible, as we always do, and reminding them of what they went through. 

Also we had a real spiritual attack with confusion taking over, loss of peace and joy; we trust in the Lord though and believe HE is in control. 

Stand with us and bless His holy name and proclaim that His will be done; pray for us and proclaim the spirit of humbleness and unity upon us. We want to see Jesus glorified and your prayer could make that happen...hallelujah!

## After arriving in Erbil, Iraq on Friday, 29th of January we were busy the whole time visiting and contacting Christian refugees to arrange for their interviews. Officials from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Government arrived here to finish the needed procedure in order to relocate 153 Christian refugees to the Czech Republic. We had difficulties because many have changed their places and even phone numbers without informing us. But the Lord helped us and we managed nearly to inform all of them in time as well as visit some families. We also prayed for a possessed child and the struggle was long but finally he was delivered, praises be to our God. We went on Sunday, 1st of February to another Camp and bought them needed gasoline for the power generator; without it they have neither electricity nor heating. We ask you to continue praying and we will send a full report later, because we are so busy and joining the interviews.

## The latest activities of our Ministry were successful, about which we want to inform you today, Friday, 15th of January. The Lord helped our coordinator, Brother Firas, to stay the whole time with the Iraqi Christian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon until their interviews were done. He spent time with them also in reading the Word and praying and giving them comfort; also the financial needs were covered and Fond Generation 21, represented through brother Jan Dezort, paid some expenses. Now it is a time of waiting until the final steps are taking and our goal of seeing them relocated to the Czech Republic is accomplished. We give thanks to the Lord for His mighty intervention and the doors He opened; He deserves all honour and glory.

## Today, Thursday, 15th of January we want to inform you about two events the Lord helped us to accomplish:

1. On Tuesday evening, the 12th the Lord brought us to Novy Jičin in time to hold a Seminar about Islam and those who organised it were present and glad to meet us. The subject was not only about Islam but also the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity, the current situation in Europe because of immigrant and how to handle it. The hall was full and overcrowded and the time of discussion was very vivid with many questions, including some from one atheist. Many asked us about the Power Point we presented as well as the videos, which we freely offered to the organizers. We also received many invitations to other Churches and Christian groups and promised to add them to our schedule. Please pray for the people, who were present, and ask the Lord to touch them and reveal the truth to them. Pray that the Lord would use it to open the eyes of many in order to help them to be active members to protect their society. Pray that the Spirit of the Christ would shin upon the Czech Republic and the spirit of lies and deceit would be stopped and pushed back. Rebuke every attempt to simplify the immigration crises and pray that the truth would prevail.

2. On Wednesday, the 13th, we held our Seminar about Islam "The fabrication of Quran" and its relationship with immigration and Christianity. We were glad to see many come and to ask questions; the many pictures and few videos we showed helped them understand the background behind the Quran and its fabrication. Please pray for those who were present and ask the Lord to remind them of all necessary things. Ask Him to keep them protect and use the information given to open their eyes and protect them from the influence of Islam.

## Daily we are praying asking the Lord for the final breakthrough in order to see those 153 Christian refugees relocated to the Czech Republic. Today Sunday, 10th of January we are still in Třinec serving the Lord and enjoying a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the whole region. But our joy was increased because a decision was made by the Czech Government and a scheduled time for interviews was announced for some six Iraqi Christian families. They had to flee further to Lebanon and there they'll be interviewed, undergo medical check and then fly to the Czech Republic. Despite our busy schedule we managed to send our coordinator, Brother Firas, to fly to Beirut on Tuesday, 12th of January. He supposed to coordinate the arrival of each family at the appointed time and help them after that to undergo the medical examination. We ask you, dear believers, partners and friends, to continue praying asking the Lord for wisdom and protection and proclaiming the name of the Lord. Please inform us if you could help and support those families AFTER their arrival AND remember to help those left behind.

## We are now in the THIRD year with our effort to help Christian refugees be relocated to some countries, including the Czech Republic. And though the Czech Government announced months ago the acceptance of the relocation, we are still waiting to see such desperate people here, in safety. Today Wednesday, 6th of January, we want to inform you about our meeting with representative of Fond Generation 21, which took place yesterday in our Mission House. We waited for them to arrive and around 5: 30 pm Brother Jan Talafant, Jan Dezort and Daniel Žingor(A new coworker and treasury of Fond Generation 21, as they told us) they arrived. Many subjects were discussed especially urgent cases like Pastor Majid and his family as well as the fate of others in dangerous situation. We expressed our disappointment because of the on-going delay but also the absence of our name, as ICOM, from all what is happening and in the Reports of Fond Generation 21. We informed them about urgent financial needs of some families and the foundation for future cooperation. Brother Jan Talafant praised us and our work and promised to mention us, as Ministry, in the future, stressing that they couldn't do it before, until the Czech Government gives the final official decision. We are glad things were discussed though we are still not happy with the delay nor the way things are handled. It is our responsibility as Christian Ministry, who have started helping Christian refugees from the very beginning, to see to the welfare of those refugees. We ask for your prayers and continuous support until the complete relocation is finished. Ask the Lord to help us in our steps and decision-making; ask for wisdom and discernment while serving Him first and serving others, especially His persecuted people. Pray for Fond Generation 21 and claim wisdom for them as well; we need to walk with Jesus, in the light, and nowhere else.

## Today Sunday, 3rd of January we are publishing the latest Report of our Ministry; pictures and videos will be sent if you ask for them. The weather in Iraq was not kind and it was very cold and snowing but our Ministry continued the work of helping Christian refugees to have a sense of joy, despite their circumstances. With some of the donations we received our coordinator, Brother Firas with Brother George, bought gifts for the children. Then some money was handed over to the Pastor of the New Life Baptist Church in order to buy some necessary stuff, like medicine, and support needy Christian families. We ask you please to continue your prayers for the persecuted Church of the Living God and to proclaim protection upon them. Pray that the Lord will keep them protected and supply them with all their needs; claim comfort in Jesus holy name. Rebuke the spirit of desperation and claim the spirit of consoling and comfort upon them; may the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, be always with them.

## Dear Saints

It is another year and another Christmas with you too and we thank the Lord for having you as trusted people, standing beside us and supporting our Ministry and work among Christian refugees. We know that in the present God uses us, all who belong to Christ Jesus, as our life for God is unfurled, as His witness in this world, being a voice for God’s Word, to a world that hasn’t heard, the Truth in God’s revelation, leading to His only salvation. Thus we are sending our Christmas Message 2015 and trusting the Lord to use it and make your Christmas merry, and your days always blessed.

Christmas Message 2015

Dear Saints, Friends and Partners,

Every year people seem happy to enjoy a definite time of the year; we noticed that NOT only Christians, but also atheists, Buddhists…and even Muslims ‘celebrate’ at this event!

Our joy would be greater if they would’ve known the real reason behind CHRIST-mas and we would like to encourage every believer to GO to people around him and tell them about CHRIST and His birth. Tell them that the invisible Spirit put on flesh and made Himself visible, in order to show us the way. Tell them that He is the Redeemer and ONLY through Him they could receive salvation. Tell them that He is near and His Second Coming is at hand; let them know the following:

What was Christmas truly for, as on the Season we close that door?

As a New Year for all starts and the Christmas Season now departs.

Does the Christmas spirit depart, from each and every human heart?

As Christmas trim is tucked away, will the spirit in some hearts stay?

Was Christmas truly meant for this, for once a year to change gifts?

Especially within the hearts of us, who in The Savior place our trust?

Shouldn’t Christmas that we know, be His Light in us for all to show,

The Truth and life we have in Him, who came to dwell forever within?

Should not Christmas be a song, we sing in our hearts all year long?

As in our hearts we joyfully sing, to Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.

A song which should never leave, the heart of those who do believe,

Saved by Grace from this world, with that Christmas Song to herald.

A song we sing all year through, as The Spirit moves in me and you,

To be a light men need each day, not just thought of Christmas day,

Song and light, throughout the year, which every man needs to hear,

This, so men may see their need, that God’s message they will heed.

Some men desire Christmas in July, but, did you ever question why?

A time when gifts aren’t bought at all; could it be music to their soul?

Maybe the songs that they heard, moved their hearts to God’s Word,

With a message, when not ignored, could draw any soul to The Lord.

We want to encourage you to GO to the world and to share a mystery with people, letting them know how great the love of God was, that He decided to be with us; Emmanuel became a reality, as He promised. If you, a Child of God, a Light of the world, like Jesus, would not do it, who will? If you are not willing to do it now then when?

After enjoying DAILY CHRIST-mas, walking with Christ and having fellowship with Him…how do you feel? Please help others to feel the same. May all your Christmases be merry, and all your days be bright, because touched and changed you, and made you in YOUR world, light.

Merry Christmas… and a Happy New Year…with Christ!

## Something special is happening...and our Lord is showing us how faithful is He and today Sunday, 20th of December we are publishing this Video. Please watch, listen and pray because there are many others who need help and your prayer could make the difference. We trust our faithful Lord who promised to be with us under all circumstances, but also thank YOU for your faith in and prayer to Him. May He be glorified in everything now and forever...amen

See this Video and give thanks to the Lord!

God is Good!

Iraqi Christian refugees leaving Iraq and flying to Slovakia

## Our Ministry with 24/7 Prayer Team (JHPH) have been praying for nearly 15 months concerning a small part of Iraqi Christian refugees and their possible relocation to the Czech Republic. Yesterday Monday, 14th of December the Czech Government finally decided to give the final approval for relocating them...we shout 'Hallelujah!'. Yes, our Jesus did it, despite all the uncertainties, pain and waiting and we want you to rejoice with us today Tuesday, 15th of December. Our faithful Lord deserves all honour and glory and what happened should be a lesson for all of us: With Jesus we are always more than conquerors. Please inform other believers, the Church you go to or the Prayer Group AND don't forget to CONTINUE praying until they arrive in Prague. We won't rest until we see them in the Czech Republic and bring them to those who cooperate with us as witnesses of the Lord. We want to ask you also to continue donating for their needs; arriving here doesn't mean they don't need help anymore. Also remember those left behind; they'll continue relying on us, as a Ministry, but also upon you, as supporters, to continue helping them. We prefer if you support the Iraqi Christian refugees directly through our Ministry because we will be travelling from one place to the next trying to let them adapt and feel home. We want YOU to join us during such trips and to be an active partner; they'll be good witnesses during our Summer Outreach too.

## Our Team is again in Iraq because of the volatile situation and the cries of the Christian refugees for help and today Thursday, 10th of December we want to inform you and ask for prayer. The airports were closed thus they couldn't arrive in time, but we thank the Lord they did 'just in time'. A whole Camp was without power and they didn't have money for gasoline to start the generator; our arrival was a 'great salvation' they said. Most of the children were sick and have flu or even worse; we bought gasoline enough for a whole week, then called the doctors and they came to help. We met the responsible priest and he greeted us heartily and express his gratitude because ' are always there, when we need you!'. We paid over four hundred US dollars then paid in advance for the coming week. We also bought milk for children and pampers and handed out double portion because of Christmas, promising special gifts for the children too. It is your help and support that enabled us to do so and want to thank you and ask every one of you to continue praying. Please think of Christmas and your possible stand with the Iraqi Christian refugees...and their children. Be an active partaker of the joy you bring to the faces of the little ones...and their families. May you enjoy the peace and joy of the Lord and be thankful; no everyone has it.

## We were praying and thanking the Lord for opening the door for some of the Christian refugees we are helping in Iraq, that they could go to Slovakia. Unfortunately their departure on Monday, the 7th of December was delayed... as well as the arrival of one Team member in Erbil, Iraq because of the Airport closure. Today Tuesday, 8th of December we are publishing this Report and want you to join our prayer; ICOM and our 24/7 Prayer Team (JHPH) want you to stand with these Christians. Proclaim the will of the Lord upon them and claim comfort in Jesus holy name. Ask the heavenly Father for His divine intervention in their behalf and claim protection; continue praying until they are in Slovakia. Also pray for our List of 152 Christian refugees to be located to the Czech Republic; though a permission was given they are still in Iraq. We want you to stand with our Ministry and to pray for them; all of you who are interceding will be partaker of the great blessing.

Iraqi Christian refugees did not arrive in Slovakia yet, because of airport closure

Iraqi Christian refugees were supposed to be flying to Slovakia today, but due to a closure of all airports in northern Iraq they were not able to leave. Slovakia agreed to accept a number of Iraqi Christian refugees. A first group of 150 people were selected, and after months of preparations the first group was about ready to leave the country. But a high official contacted Father Douglas the evening before to let the church leader know that the Erbil airport would be closed for at least 48 hours. On Sunday evening, a farewell church service was held in Mar Elia church, located in Ankawa, a Christian neighborhood of the Kurdish capital of Erbil. The mass was followed by a celebration with dinner, fellowship and mixed feelings of sadness and joy. Over the past 15 months the Christian community located in the church garden area has strongly bonded together. All share similar experiences: fleeing from Islamic State, living in various types of tents and now in a container-like shelter, going through the same heat in summer and the same cold in winter. All in this small church garden with very limited personal space.

No wonder that saying farewell included many hugs and shedding of tears. Ramy, 22, said that “it’s difficult for me to smile any longer, but I want to because I believe in goodbyes with a smile instead of with tears.” Later the faces of Father Douglas and others became grim after the announcement of the airport closure for at least 48 hours.

The atmosphere in the church center changed. The people were puzzled that their departure has been put on hold. Father Douglas is convinced that the delay has to do with the attacks on IS. He said: “Russia is said to send missiles to several targets, and therefore the airspace needs to be free. My people are a little bit disappointed, but they already have been waiting for 15 months, so two days is not a big difference.”

One of the Christians who was about to travel to Slovakia with his family is Nisam Hekmat. He stated: “They said to me that the travel is now after 48 hours. In Iraq this is ordinary. In other countries that is different, but here it is ordinary to hear good news and bad news. It is difficult for all the families. Friends and families have come to say goodbye and now the traveling is stopped. We have packed everything and gave things to poor families such as rice, oil and other things. But it is ordinary. We continue living in the center.” Pastor Douglas shares: “My people want to have a future. I’m not trying to provide them a future, but I’m trying to provide a path to have a future. No one is forced to leave, no one is forced to stay. It is a personal decision.”

## Today, Sunday, 5th of December we are publishing this Report; please pray and proclaim wisdom and humbleness as well as protection.

Meeting with Brother Jan Talafant the Director of Generation 21

 On Saturday, 5th of December the Director General of ICOM met Brother Jan T. and discussed with him different subjects, including continuous help to support the resettlement of 152 Christian refugees to the Czech Republic. It was clear that the delay has been causing the Christian refugees a lot of sufferance and evening forcing some to give up. Still Brother Jan T. assured us that Generation 21 still believes the our Lord Jesus WILL let it happen and that everyone will be relocated. The matter of supporting the refugees there was discussed and a promised amount of money (10 US thousand dollars) to support those who are taking care of the Orthodox Church, was handed over to ICOM. Also some money (Five thousand US dollars) was donated to fill the gap and provide medicine and other needs to refugees. "It is our intention to support you in the future" Brother Jan T. said and we are glad for his assurance, especially because the amount of donated money to our Ministry has been drastically reduced since the immigrants' crisis in Europe. Please pray for a better cooperation and new doors of help and support; our Lord is the One we trust and we believe He'll use all means to provide for us and the work we are doing. We are planning a donation Campaign before Christmas and considering donating 20 US dollars to every family on our list. Please think of them and send your money under the Code: "For ICOM-- Campaign-20". Encourage others to do the same and inform your Church, Prayer Group or else; may He take care of all your needs.

## God’s ways are not our ways, but His mercies endure forever and we are glad to receive such wonderful news concerning our suffering Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria. Today, Monday, 30th of November, we are publishing this Report and want to ask you to thank the Lord for His divine intervention to save their lives and to pray for them. Also pray for the Slovak Government and claim wisdom for them; we proclaim doors will be opened for more Christians in Jesus mighty name. We cover them with the blood of Jesus and trust HIM to guide and use them according to His will and for His glory. Also pray for our Ministry when we will visit and work with them; we took care of many of these families since they lost everything and arrived in Erbil. Please continue also praying for the other 152 Christian refugees from Iraq who should be arriving soon to the Czech Republic; we proclaim arrival before Christmas in Jesus holy name.

150 refugees from Syria have arrive in Košice , Slovakia

On arrival they are already under way, they learn Slovak. Probably end up in a Camp in Humenne`, Košice. For several weeks, 25 Christian families from Syria in Iraq were taught in Slovak. To Košice there would be special transportation Airline from the government and then be transferred to a reception center in the former barracks in Humenne`. The New Time was informed about them. "We are pleased that the difficult conditions in refugee camps come to a better environment where one can find a second home," a source said the new time. According to him, immigrants have to communicate on social networks about coming to us. "It will be a Syrian Christian family that you will choose us. Every refugee has the right to family reunification. The emphasis here will be able to a wife and children who have on average five" said Prime Minister Robert Fico.

## The whole time the Lord kept us busy and today Sunday, 11th of October we want to inform you asking every believer to join us in our prayer. Our 5th Seminar about “Islam and Immigration” went much better than expected and the hall was completely full. We had enough discussion after that and people were quite glad to hear the full truth about migrants and immigration and their connection to Islam. On Wednesday,7th of October we went to Kutná Hora and held a Seminar about Islam organized by Pastor S. Štěpanovský and the KS Church. Again the hall was completely full and many were even standing; at the end many questions were asked. They blessed us with ten thousand Kč. On Thursday, the 8th one Team member and Brother Saad went to Vienna to do some arrangements and bring flyers, brochures in Czech with them. They spoke with Brother Catalin from ELIM Church, collected the material and also went evangelizing. On Friday they contacted some pastors and arranged things for the coming Seminar about Islam on November, the 7th. Brother Saad had to leave on Saturday, 10th of October and we arranged it for him to be in time for his flight, at the same time our coordinator, Brother Firas, supposed to arrive. Brother Saad flew away to Istanbul and we gave him special mission, that is to check the situation of immigrant in Istanbul. On arrival Brother Firas met Brother Jan D. from Generation 21 and discussed the situation of the Christian refugees in Iraq with him. Meanwhile we were evangelizing in Hradec K. with BJB Church and Brother Harold J. starting at 2 pm. The Lord opened ways and every Team has had its own encounter; we thank the Lord all went well and we drove back home. We stayed busy preparing for our next Seminar in Starkonice, thus we stayed at the Mission House working.

##Our dear Brother Saad from Iraq arrived here on Thursday, 1st of October and today Tuesday, 5th of October we are informing you about it, asking for your prayers. After arriving from the Airport we meet Brother Jan D. from Generation 21 and spent a blessed time together, discussing urgent subjects, like those families we are trying to relocate to the Czech Republic and much more. We spent the whole morning of Friday, the 2nd arranging things and meeting people before going back to our Mission House. We couldn’t stay long home because we had to leave next day to Třinec, but stopped at Frýdek-Místek where we met many leaders and a Pastor. We discussed future cooperation and the possibilities of helping Christian refugees in Iraq before driving further; they wanted a Seminar about Islam too. On arrival in Třinec-Oldřichovice at around 5 pm we spent time with Family Penkala where we supposed to stay. Then at around 6 pm held a Seminar about Islam; it was amazing how the Lord touched people and the Church was full. Brother Saad shared about his salvation also and gave some statistics about refugees in Iraq. Then we returned to where we were staying and had a blessed time with Family Penkala discussing few matters of faith as well as about our Ministry. On Sunday, 4th of October one member of our Team preached from Matthew 22:1- 14; it was a strong evangelistic preaching. Few questions were asked about Islam, refugees and our work, which we answered and prayers were made. Family Penkala offered us a delicious meal after the Service before leaving to Krakow, Poland. We visited many places, arranged few things during our stay; Brother Saad always ready to help at the right moment. When we left Krakow on Monday, 5th of October we headed to Olomouc where we spent some time, visited some places then drove back to our Mission House. We had to prepare for our Seminar next day.

## We want to inform you today Friday,18th of September that we will be having our next Seminar about Islam on the 6th of October and wanted to invite you first of all to pray for us and to ask the Lord for protection. Join others in their prayer and ask the Lord to use the Seminar for His glory. The theme is actual and people in Europe are confused; we want to help and explain by showing them the truth.

Please join us and encourage others to come; pray for us and claim the ground for Jesus Christ and ask Him for protection. Pray that many will come, hear the truth and be changed, leaving the Seminar with peace in their hearts. Supporting our Ministry means supporting the truth and helping the suffering Christians in Iraq. We are willing to offer you our Seminars about Islam or the Foundation of Christian Faith for free if you invite us. May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be glorified in everything we do and say and may you enjoy His love, joy and peace.

## Today Wednesday, 16th of September we are BACK again and want to apologise for delay: Our Website was under attack (again?!) and did NOT function. We actualised but nothing appeared; we will be adding the new Reports this week. We want to thank every one of you for your prayers, support and also patience with us; we regard you as important part of our Ministry. Please continue walking with and supporting us and enjoy His joy and peace.

Yours in Christ,


## We believe it is time to publish our Schedule for the last months and today Sunday, 30th of August we are publishing it. Please pray with us that the will of our God will be done; that He will open the way for our guest to be here in time. Proclaim the Word of the Lord and claim protection for us and our Team members everywhere they go. We want to do His will, help others to live in peace and love and preach the Gospel of Peace. We want the Good News to reach everybody; help us through YOUR prayer.

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## We want to thank every one of you for your prayer and today Sunday, 23rd of August want to publish our latest activities and let you know what the Lord was doing. Your prayer is needed for the Ministry but also for the people we minister to as well as the Churches or Prayer Groups we cooperate with. Call the name of the Lord upon us is very important and vital to continue, and continuous prayer is more than essential, because we are working, literally, on the ‘front line’. Remember the people we mention and join us in our prayer for them. Remembering the Christian refugees in your daily prayer is need more than anything else because their situation is getting worse by the hour.

After a very busy week we went to Service and the Lord blessed us on Sunday, 23rd of August where we encounter two visiting families. One of them was from Brno (Family Pavel Krejčí) and they have written us before while we were in Iraq; somehow the E-mail was ‘lost’. We invited them to our Mission House and had lunch together and after listening to what they had to say, we discovered that it was a spiritual attack. They knew one of us since 2010 through Brother Josef Macak, when we used to visit them and talk in a Café in Brno. That in itself was a great blessing and told them that and listened. It seems the enemy was attacking them and causing Brother Pavel K. physical pain and more. We prayed with them and proclaimed the name of Jesus, then anointed Brother Pavel and claimed a holy and healing touch for him. We believe the Lord touched him and we trust that our prayer of faith was answered. We promised to continue praying for them and also keep the contact; please join our 24/7 JHPH in their prayer and claiming confirmation of the Word in Jesus mighty name. Rebuke every attack and bind every demonic influence of attack in the mighty name of Jesus; keep remembering this family.

## The Lord is merciful to us and we thank Him for every encounter with believers, especially when they visit our Mission House and today Tuesday, 18th of August we want to inform you about what was happening. Please keep us in your prayers, proclaim the Word of the Lord upon us and upon our lives while serving the Lord. Claim wisdom for every one of us in Jesus mighty name and ask the Lord to continue guiding us through the Holy Spirit.

We went to Service on Sunday morning, 16th of August and encounter many people there with whom we shared some information, especially about our Summer Outreach. That afternoon brother Pavel G. visited us with his wife and two children and the Lord blessed us with a great fellowship. We shared, discussed few matters and prayed; Brother Pavel G. blessed us with some donation of clothes for the Christian refugees in Iraq and 5000 Kc for our work and the refugees. It was a pleasant time and we asked them to come again have fellowship with us; a possible visit to our Mission House of a dear believer was arranged. And we thank the Lord he and his wife arrived on Tuesday, 18th of August; they work also as missionaries and want to cooperate with us. We shared a lot of thinks with them and accepted their invitation to visit them and also have a Seminar about Islam.

## The situation of the Christians in Iraq is getting worse every day and that of the Christian refugees can NOT be described. Today Saturday, 22nd of August we are publishing this Report with a LINK; it shows part of our efforts. We've been trying since October 2014 until now to help them by all means, unfortunately without avail. One time a director of a well-known Christian organisation claimed that the Christian in Iraq are 'not suffering because of their faith' . We will publish his E-mails shortly. Then some leaders of denominations forbade helping Christian refugees to leave Iraq. In Europe it is a matter of politics and routine and we are in between; please pray with us and proclaim a breakthrough in Jesus mighty name. Intercede for the persecuted Church, especially in Iraq and ask the Lord for HIS help; claim comfort from the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. We thank everyone who is helping and willing to help; please mobilize the Church you go to, Prayer Groups, other believers or else to join and help.

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## We are presenting our Report about our Summer Outreach in Vienna, Austria today, Tuesday, 11th of August asking you to read it prayerfully and to hear what God is telling you. Ask the Lord to remind everyone we encountered and spoken to of that encountered; pray that our mighty God would touch the people and change their hearts. Pray that our Team members and all those who took part in that Outreach would be encouraged to continue going and reaching out to people. Pray that the material distributed, whether flyers, tracts, DVDs or else would be used for God’s glory. Pray that the Lord will keep the door open for us and our Ministry in order to continue working with local Churches; pray that NOW people would register for next year’s Summer Outreach. Pray that our Lord would cover all the expenses for the material as well as other needs for travel, staying and food. Please be encouraged to join us and encourage others to do the same AND do it in time, if possible immediately; we too need to prepare accommodation and places where we could worship and pray.

Our Team with Monika B. drove to Vienna, Austria on Monday, 3rd of August and arrived there in time; Sister Suhaila was already waiting for them. Immediately after arrival everybody left to Floridsdorf (Subway Station) and began distributing tracts, flyers, DVDs of Jesus film, New Testaments and other literature to people. 

A Team from ELIM Church, which cooperate with us, was there before our arrival reaching out to people, as we learnt from Brother Catalin. He and his fiancée were still around, thus we went to meet them and they were very glad that we were there too. It was agreed that they would join us through our Summer Outreach also he informed us that we could use their facilities for worship and prayer. The following days were hot, but daily, morning and evening, we went out evangelizing, as a Team or with others. 

We had also some special encounters like with Brother Robert H. from Graz who happened to be in Vienna on Tuesday and wanted to meet us. He came to where we were staying that afternoon, spoke with us then prayed before leaving. We hurried up to go and meet Brother Catalin and his fiancée near Stephansplatz, where they were waiting for us. Together we prayed then while walking reached out to people; there were so many Muslims. Daily we evangelized in Stephansplatz, Mariehilf Strasse, Westbahnhof, Floridsdorf and even Prater. 

The Lord blessed us while we were speaking to people; we distributed enough material, spoke to so many people and discussed with them. We prayed for Muslims who were very visible from their dress; most of them were from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai…etc. but also handed out materials to others. On Wednesday afternoon, 5th of August we went to the Arabic Evangelical Church and spoke with Pastor Bahgat; he wanted the cooperation with us to continue and gave us New Testaments in Arabic language too. 

We encountered many believers there, who were coming for the weekly Bible Study, including Brother David. On Thursday, 6th of August Sister Monika B. had to leave and go back home because of other obligations and our Team brought her to the Bus Station in time. We were also expecting more people to come and join us, as they promised, including Family Kiss; we continued praying for them. On Friday, 7th of August we went evangelizing to Floridsdorf and encountered Brother Theo there; he was discussing with a Muslim distributing flyers. 

After reading the flyer we discovered it was full of lies and began discussing with that Muslim, whose name was Ali (from Pakistan). As usual he tried to twist the facts, lie and even accused us of ‘lying’ though we were quoting from the Quran! We took his phone number and gave him ours and asked him to meet us again next day ‘I can’t’ he said ‘Because I will be going to Salzburg’; he is going there to continue distributing flyers full with lies! 

We learnt later that Brother Theo was praying that we should come and talk to that Muslim and that the Lord brought us there ‘at the very right time’; we praise Him and bless His holy name. We left and went to the Arabic Evangelical Church and took part in their Prayer Session at 7 pm. They prayed for us and asked us also to pray in the final prayer for their coming activities; they too have planned some Outreach as well as Revival Conference. On Saturday morning we met at ELIM Church with many believers like Brother Avram and his wife, Brother Catalin and his fiancée and others. 

First we read in the Bible and prayed together, then had a meal together before going out to evangelise. We had different encounters and distributed a lot of material and discussed with many people; our Sisters were talking to three women; it turned out they were lesbian. The gospel was presented to them then explanation was given about homosexuality and some tracts were handed over. We also prayed for them and asked them to keep the contact, if they want, and we could help. 

Brothers Avram and Catalin were talking to some people when Jehovah Witnesses arrived with their wagon; our Brothers tried to talk to them, but they refused to listen. Then a little woman wearing Burga (Islamic covering for women) came by. Something seemed ‘not right’ because she was not walking like a Muslim woman and didn’t know how to hold the cover on her face. One member of our Team went to and spoke to her; it turned out that she was an Austrian young girl, only 17 years old, walking with her ‘friend’ (a girl) who was from Chechnya. 

She told him that she wants to be a Muslim but doesn’t understand why people were angry with her; he explained to her what it means to be a Muslim. He also gave her some tracts and flyers as well as a telephone number to contact and prayed for her. On Sunday, 9th of August we went to Church of Acts in the morning and enjoyed a blessed Service; Pastor Robinette spoke with us. When he heard about our next Summer Outreach in Interlaken, Switzerland, he said “Oh, that is great, we will be there too starting from the 18th of August!”. 

He offered us to join them at the local “Home Church” and we promised that we would join them “I will write and inform you about details” he said then blessed us with 200 Euros for our Ministry. We also encountered a young believer from the Netherlands, who had the Word and preached, and he too was interested to meet us again; we handed him our official Info Letter and he took pictures with us. After a short time of rest we went to 4-Corner-Christian Fellowship and met Brother Johann M. there; we exchanged some information and promised to come again. Our Team had to leave though it was 

late because of some other obligations, but we were blessed mightily and felt very encouraged.

## The activities keep on changing depending upon the needs the Lord reveals to us and today Thursday, 6th of August we share with you the latest activities. Please remember us as often as you could in your prayers. Also give thanks to the Lord for His dealing with us and how He is helping us to do His will. We are active on different levels and the Lord is using us at different places, especially with Christian refugees. Lately He used it to give the needy ones the necessary fond…blessed be His name.

On Thursday, 30th of July at around 5 pm we drove to Litomysl again because Sister Hela M. Asked us to come and meet ‘…a brother from the Ukraine’ and the Lord surprised us. He was a man of sorrow and we listened to, nearly, all his life story and answered his needs according to the Bible. We prayed for him after having dinner together and drove him home, promising to remember him and his situation in our prayer. On Friday on member of our Team drove to Vienna, Austria to hand out the donations we received to a person flying to Erbil; our coordinator Brother Firas was in dire need. During the meeting 6750 US dollars were handed over and the rest of the time was used to contact pastors and other believers in preparation our coming Summer Outreach. The Lord blessed our Team mightily and he came back with encouraging news; the Lord provided for places were believers could stay when they join us. On Sunday, 2nd of August we supposed to take part in an evangelistic event in the centre of Havlickov Brod and the Lord brought us there in time accompanied with Family Kiss and Sister Monika B. We prayed for the weather because it seemed rainy but the Lord kept it dry; there was worship then a short Word after that one member preached about the Prodigal Son. It was strong and touching, as many told us later and we thank the Lord for that. After the Service we went to the Church building to take part in a Lecture about Myanmar (former Burma) and to be informed of the flood that affecting the country. Then we had Agape meal together before leaving; others went in a Tour with a guide to visit historical sites, but we drove back to our Mission House.

## The Lord encouraged us during the last days and today Wednesday, 29th of July we are publishing our latest activities asking for prayer. The battle was not easy but our eyes were fixed on the victory; please feel encouraged like us, pray with joy and proclaim the victory. We have the assurance and we know that all things will work for our good; thanks and praises be to Jesus our Lord.

A dear Sister from Litomysl visited us on Wednesday, 22nd of July and donated around 4700 kc for our Ministry; she was trying to help Christian refugees just in case some would arrive here. With her we discussed many aspects of how to help such people whether now, while still in Iraq, or even later when they arrive in the Czech Republic. She invited us to visit them home in Litomysl. In Prague the petition to help the Iraqi Christian refugees was submitted on Thursday, 23rd of July and we pray things would happen soon. And on that day we went to Litomysl and visited that Sister and her family and the Lord blessed us with such a precious time; because of her mother who could speak German! When we returned the Lord blessed us through a visit to Brother Martin B. it was his daughter’s second birthday and the whole family was there. We spoke to them, prayed for the grandmother and enjoyed a blessed time together before leaving. The preparation was going on for the Summer Outreach but also the discussion about help for the Iraqi Christian refugees. We were glad then to visit Sister Hela J. around midday on Friday, the 24th; she asked for it and the Lord opened the way so we could talk with her daughter about Jesus. She has an injured ankle and it happened twice, and though she does not believe, she is blaming God for it. It was a good point to start with and the Lord used it to touch her; then we prayed for her ankle and proclaimed healing. While still busy at the Mission House Sister Monika Bakasova arrived Saturday afternoon with a Gypsy activist who works among such communities. Brother Rudolf was with his son and shared his testimony with us; we encouraged him and promised to help as much as we could. We prayed with them before they left and hoped to see them again “I come every Saturday here” he said. Our prayers for the Seminar in Pardubice were heard and after driving to Hradec K. in the morning, we arrived in time at Slova Zivota Church. We encountered Brother Leon, which was a great encouragement for us, and then Pastor Pavel R. greeted us. After worship and reading from the Bible we were allowed to share about our work among Christian refugees in Iraq. First of all we told what the Holy Spirit put on our hearts; unity and love were necessary to spread the truth of Jesus Christ. Then we showed them some pictures and videos and told them about the dangers and needs and finally prayed. Many from our Home Group, like Family Kissov and Monika B. were present too; it was encouraging for us. After the Service we had Agape Meal and spoke with the pastor about different subjects before starting the Seminar at 2 pm. They blessed us with 6000 kc for our Ministry. We had long discussions and questions with many and some offered their help. On Monday, 27th of July we were communicating with Iraq and collecting some needed information about the Christian refugees we are helping. We were also preparing for the Press Conference in Yasmin Hotel, in the centre of the Capital Prague concerning help for the Christian refugees in Iraq. We arrived in Prague in time on Tuesday, 28th of July and exactly at 11 the Press Conference began; every one of us presented himself and gave some information. The TV stations, Newspapers, Magazines…etc. began questioning us. After the Press Conference many interviewed us and others asked for future interviews. We bless the Lord for such an open door and possible help for the Christian refugees in Iraq.When we arrived at the Mission House the Lord blessed us with so many believers and we had our Home Group at 6 pm with a subject about prayer.

## We discovered some problems with the Website and some delay in publishing our Reports, thus our apology, still we are publishing these Reports today, Wednesday, 22th of July. Please keep us in your continuous prayer and know that we are in a daily spiritual battle. We need every believer to stand to the TRUTH and to help us spreading the truth; YOU are an important partner in this battle!

We were busy doing a lot of things and preparing for the coming Summer Outreach in Vienna, but on Thursday, 16th of July we went to pick up Patrick and Stephani his sister from the English Camp; they had to go back to Vienna, Austria. Many people spoke to us including Pastor Valda who was thinking of adding German language to the programme of next year's English Camp. Then Brother Herold J. spoke to us too; he wanted to arrange a meeting and ask about Islam and how to deal with Muslims. It seems some people were asking him such questions and he needed some information. We agreed that we could meet him after our Summer Outreach in Vienna, Austria around 12th of August. Then with Patrick and his sister we drove to Pardubice, there we spent some time together, had something to eat then they left home. After that we went to visit Family Kissova; we spoke about spiritual matters with them, discussed their son’s health and prayed for them and Matej their son before leaving. We spent the next two days at the Mission House working, but on Saturday, 18th of July we went with Family Kissova and two American sisters to their cottage. We spent a precious time with the grandparents, enjoyed some food they prepared then went hiking before driving back home. On Sunday, the 19th of July we took part in the Service, which was in a different place and not the Church itself. After the Service we went with Family Kissova for lunch; many others like Rhonda O. and Zuska V. were there too. After that we joined the ‘Final Celebration’ at Brother Ivan’s garden and encountered many old friends and acquaintances. The Lord put it in our hearts on Monday 20th to visit Family Martincovi; they were happy to see us and we discussed many spiritual things with them, read from the Bible and told them about spiritual revelations concerning their lives. The Lord was gracious to us and we had our last session about The Spiritual Realm with our Home Group on Tuesday 21; and though many were in vacation, new comers were there!

## Today Wednesday, 15th of July we publish our Ministry Report about our activities among Christian refugees in Iraq. Please CLICK the link below in order to read it.

Ministry Report Erbil-2

## It all began here on Thursday, 9th of July and it was a glorious day for everyone, especially and most of all for FATHER in heaven!

No Nazis, and no war propaganda instead the Gospel of Peace was preached and every soul was reached; heaven rejoiced because many, and not only one, sinners repented and accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. Todd White, Ben Fitzgerald, Heidi Baker...and many more were there; the most important thing though was the Lord Jesus Christ!

The impossible became possible because it was God Who was behind everything; a vision became reality. Many people had dreams and visions about such a moment, but many did not experience it as real as it turned to be. In the name of Jesus thousands of Christians gathered in Nuremberger Grundig Stadium united to worship the King of Kings Jesus Christ...and NOT Hitler. Jesus is the FUTURE for Europe and those who gathered there KNEW it by heart; keep on living your dreams, believers, and continue worshiping Jesus.

When we arrived it was amazing, people from every corner in Europe were present. You could see their clothes, hear their languages and what made them special was: they were Christians walking with Christian signs...and they showed it!

Seen from a distance it looks like normal flags; they had a different meaning though. It is Europe as ONE in Christ!

They did not come here to fight and to grab for gain, no, they came to SHARE the gain with one another, because Jesus Christ is their greatest gain. They were there NOT to fight, because HE has won the battle for them; they were ALL more than Conquerors in Christ Jesus...what a grace, what mystery!

Thousands were standing outside to enter, this time not for 'fun' to watch football, but be together with other believers and to enjoy the might presence of the Holy Spirit. Yes, He was there and every one could feel Him; He convicted people of sin that they confessed and repented, filled others with joy and opened the eyes of others. God is always faithful!

Isn't this what He wanted us to do?! To love one another so the world could know that we are His...!

## Today Wednesday, 8th of July we publish our Ministry Report about our activities among Christian refugees in Iraq. Please CLICK the link below in order to read it.

## The gracious God took us further during the last week

and showed us His glory and mighty presence and today Tuesday, 26th of May we want to inform you and ask for prayer.

We received visits on Monday, 18th of May from Brother Martin Z. and Sister Sarka P. and discussed their situation and prayed for them. Then on Tuesday, 19th of May two members of 'Witnesses of Jehovah' visited our Mission House and discussed many issues for over 3 hours. We are praying that the Lord would use that encounter for His glory. Then we had our Home Group “Adventure in the Bible”. On the morning of Wednesday, 20th of May we went to Prayer Meeting at the Church; Brother Mihal S. went with us, because he spent the night with us in our Mission House. Then two Team members went to have some clinical tests. On Thursday morning we had a lot of work in preparation for the weekend and managed to send our Latest Report about the Christian refugees in Iraq…and our Website and data were attacked again! We lost over 150 GB !! Despite that loss we managed to have time for English Lesson and Sister Sabina H. brought her two children with her and we took care of them. On Friday, 22nd of May the Lord brought us to Brother James Bennett (Jimmy) in Pardubice, because He had something special for us. We were thinking of visiting Jimmy few days earlier, but we were delayed until the very right time. A day earlier we sent our Latest Report about the Christian refugees in Iraq and asked for prayer. We informed the believers about many attempts of attacking our data and Website and asked for prayer; exactly an hour later after sending the Report we were attacked again! On arrival in Pardubice around 6 pm we informed Brother Jimmy…and the Lord put it in his heart to pray. He simply put his hand on the Laptop and prayed while it was still switched off. When I switched it on most of the lost data was there…hallelujah; what a miracle our God is mighty...He is awesome!! We had a blessed time of sharing and prayer and decided to come again, God willing, to meet a Brother from the States after the return of our Team from Iraq. After leaving them we visited Brother Michal S. and enjoyed a time of sharing with his mother and sister; the presence of the Lord was very strong.We spent Saturday working home then left for a walk; there was some kind of celebration at the centre of town. On Sunday, 24th of May we went to Church and enjoyed a blessed Service and spoke with believers from the Roma minority, who came from Kraš. We were also invited to Sister Monika B.’s house to have lunch together and used the time to share and pray before departing and driving to Linz, Austria. 

There Brother Nabil was expecting us because we were taking part in the activities of ‘Christustag’. On arrival we spent time sharing and praying and the Lord blessed us with many testimonies and deep sleep. 

Next day Monday, 25th of May we went to the centre of the city and joined thousands of other believers in a march through the city. 

Everybody was walking with a banner, singing or doing something else; we distributed flyers, tracts and Jesus’ Film DVDs. Many were willing to receive material from us including many Muslim women and we prayed for them. It was great to see how the Lord works and touches people in such a simple, but effective way.

At the centre we gathered and listened to speakers, the Mayer of the City, Pastors…etc. Testimonies were shared, prayers were uttered and worship songs were 

sung; it was so great, especially because the number of expected people was nearly double as much as the organizers thought! 

Two groups singing Christian songs came, one from Melbourne, Australia(Planet Shakers).

 We stayed there the whole day from 11 am until 10 pm…and were strong and not tired…what a grace! Then we drove back to rest; next day we drove back home and prepared for our “Home Group”.

## Many Reports about our latest activities were ready but the Website was somehow blocked and we couldn't publish them. We thank the Lord though for helping us and solving the problem and today Thursday, 14th of May we are publishing all of them. Please read prayerfully and ask the Lord for the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Take what we are writing here in prayer and remember us and our Ministry before the Lord. Pray for all those people we've encountered and proclaim the Word of the Lord upon them; may He, the only One and True living God use that for His glory

1.On Sunday, 3rd of May the Lord brought us back to our Mission House in time to prepare for other activities. Our coordinator Brother Firas in Erbil, Iraq was expecting another Team with Brother Antony to arrive and help the Christian refugees. Then we drove to Prague and waited for a Team member to arrive back from America; on Tuesday, 5th of May we served the Lord in Hradic Kralove at Mozaika Church. The Lord blessed us when we shared and later prayed for some people; they blessed us with 4000 Kc.

2.On Wednesday, 6th of May we had our Home Group “Adventure in the Bible” and the Lord blessed us through His mighty Presence but also many people. We served the Lord with a theme about Jacob and how the Lord transformed him after a godly encounter. We also prepared for our coming Seminars and contacted Christian refugees in Iraq; a prayer was sent because one Sister had to undergo an operation in Istanbul.

3. During the weekend we finished some work at the Mission House and on Sunday, 10th of May we took part in the Service and shared.

4.The Lord blessed us when we served Him in Chocen on Monday, 11th of May, where we held a Seminar about Islam “Is Islam a religion of peace?!”. The pastor was kind to us and the Church was full; it took us longer than we expected. They blessed us with around 1500 Kc, which promised to use for the needs of Christian refugees in Iraq.

5. Our Home Group “Adventure in the Bible” was held and the place was full and the Lord touched many; we bless His holy name. Then on Wednesday, 13th of May we took part at the morning Prayer Meeting then at 6 pm had our Seminar “Islam and Jihad”. Many people were touched and they were in tears; we comforted them, but also thanked the Lord that we could serve Him by spreading the Truth.

6. On Thursday morning we had a visit from Sister Monika B. who arrived with Niko; they discussed many matters with us then we prayed. After that we visited brother Dobromil M. , discussed many important issues with him then prayed. He blessed us with 3000 Kc. We drove after that to Rychnov nad Kněžnou and arrived there in time; we presented a Seminar about Islam and had discussion with many people. Then had a private time with two pastors and discussed few things. They blessed us with some gifts(A book, a Bible and T-Shirt) as well as 2700 Kc for the Christian refugees in Iraq.

## We want to thank you for your prayers for our Ministry and Teams and today Friday, 1st of May we ask you to continue your prayers. As you know worldwide millions will go out marching in celebration of Workers Day; during such events things happen. 

Currently we have a Team in Virginia, America and another Team in Augsburg, Germany. They are doing the same thing that is serving the Lord in different ways. With the Read Hates Ladies in Virginia, America the time was perfect and a long testimony was presented about our work among Christian refugees in Iraq. Also a short summery of our work at other places, like Austria, Romania or Czech Republic was presented. 

Our other Team took part in a Conference in Prague on Wednesday, 29 of April. Dr. Bill Warner was there and the theme of Islam was presented and the real face of Islam was revealed. Our Team to Augsburg, Germany was invited to take part in a Conference with Dr. E. Francis from India and his wife Beneta. They spoke about their mission in India and what the Lord is doing. Please remember the Teams and claim the ground for Christ. Cover them with the blood of the Lamb and rebuke every evil spirit or thought in Jesus holy name.

## Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We want to encourage every believer to join us from ICOM and JHPH to pray and to encourage others to pray. Today is Wednesday, 22 of April and we publish this ‘Call for Prayer’ and ask every believer to be part of it. It will start on Friday, 24th of April and continue until Pentecost on Sunday, 24th of May. We are doing it as part of our preparation in joining the Global Outreach Day(G.O.D.) on Saturday the 30th of May. It is necessary for every believer to trust the Lord and believe in the power of prayer. It is urgent to move, seeing what is happening worldwide and how the Church of the Living God is under attack and persecution from all sides. We want those who KNOW God through experience and through answered-prayers to be the FIRST to pray and encourage others to do the same “Then hear thou from the heavens their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause.” 2Chr 6:35

 Today you are not praying alone but with a blessed, big team

Many believers try to make a promise, especially when in trouble; have you ever made a grand New Year’s promise — but failed to keep it? Well in the waning years of the 1800s, an enormous cry was heard across college campuses and student conferences: “The evangelization of the world in this generation!” In the twilight years of the 1900s, a similar cry was proclaimed: “A Church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000 and beyond!” Yet, despite an enormous push, the Great Commission was NOT completed neither in 1900 nor in 2000. Researchers estimate that in 1900 some 900 million people had no access to Christ, Christianity or the gospel. By 2000, that number had doubled to 1.8 billion. Today it is over 2 billion, many of whom are Muslims. Bringing the Good News to a world that doesn’t want it, in the face of an enemy who is hostile to it, is a challenge. How can we realistically face up to this challenge?

We must prepare not for the challenge of making a promise, but for the challenge of keeping it; G.O.D. is part of this effort to KEEP the promise. There are also a couple of practical keys:

1. Be part of a team. Greg Livingstone, founder of Frontiers, once said/ told me, “We should worry less about the specific location we are going to, and more about who

we’re going with.” An African proverb says: “If you want to go fast — go alone. If you want to go far--- go together.” Think of the two disciples going to Emmaus.

2. Persevere in faith, hope and love. Today you are praying with a huge and blessed team for the so called Muslim world and beyond. That world will not be reached without significant prayer. But the prayer must be with faith, hope and love for the men, women and children in the so called Muslim world who are loved by God. Jesus died for everyone "And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, therefore, but for the sins of the whole world " 1 John 2:2. Greg Livingstone said he is praying for 5 per cent of the so called Muslim world to come to Christ. Why 5 per cent? “God gave me faith for 5 per cent, so I’m going to pray it and act upon it till it happens.”. What about you; which percentage did the Lord put on your heart? Let May the 30th be a SPECIAL day for someone around you; tell him/her about the eternal life awaiting him/her.

3. If you start alone, trust the Lord; He will increase the circle of your prayer and surprise everybody, including you. Pray where it is mostly needed; you are sowing, but the harvest will come when GOD lets it grow.

Yours in the Lord,

ICOM- Director General

## We had some activities during the last two weeks and today Saturday, 18th of April we want to inform you about them. Please keep us in your prayers, proclaim the name of Jesus upon us and our Ministry and cover us with His precious blood. We believe there is power in the blood of the Lamb!

1. We held our Home Group ‘Adventure in the Bible’ twice and were also talking about the resurrection of the Lord, what the disciples do after the Lord ascended to heaven and what happened to them after that. On the first gathering on Tuesday, 7th of April, Pastor Vlada was present and we had a long discussion after he left. We used maps to show the believers the movements of the disciples and the places they went to. It was encouraging to all of us to see a dear brother asking us direct question about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We gave him a clear and direct answer and he was deeply touched and asked us to pray for his granddaughter. We told him that we've been praying for her and will continue to do so.

2.After a long time of waiting from the side of the Church inPustá Rybná the Lord opened the door for us and last Sunday, 12th of April we went there and served the Lord in BJB Church. The timing was perfect and the Lord gave us a Word about the resurrection of the Lord; it was ‘out of time’ but was perfectly fitting. The Lord guided us in such a way and spoke to His people; in fact He answered one very important question they had through the preaching! We had a beautiful time of fellowship after that then went withfamily Skalová and had lunch with them. The time was a blessed time and the Lord gave us joy with their two children,Barunka and Kuba. We left thankful to the Lord for allowing us to serve Him there, but also opening the possibility of having Seminar about Islam with them. They asked us if we could come again to teach or preach and we promised to pray.

3.The Lord opened the door for us to go and serve Him in America thus we went through the normal procedure of applying for visa and finally had an appointment on Thursday, 16 of April. We gave them all necessary information and they told us to wait because they need more “Administrative evaluation…”. We thanked the Lord believing HE is the One to open the door and to provide for us. Then we finally managed to give an interview to Život Víry; a Christian magazine. They asked us a long time ago but we couldn’t meet them because we had so many other obligations including a trip to Iraq. We were glad to have answered all their questions and pray the Lord will use it for His glory.

## Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There was a shout “He is risen!” everyone heard it and nearly all of them did not believe it, still it was a fact: Light defeated darkness…hallelujah!

A glorious day for every sinner, because reconciliation with God became possible, through Jesus Christ; it was a day that God has made for YOUR and MY salvation. We rejoice and give thanks because our God reigns; all power and authority is given to Him--- Jesus, the conqueror of death AND the LIFE for all who believe.

Happy Resurrection Day---- indeed He is risen; if you love people go and tell everyone!

Yours in the Lord,


## Our gracious God is merciful and He has always something ‘special’ for us and today Tuesday, 31st of March we want to share these Reports with you. Please support us through your prayer and ask the Lord to continue giving us wisdom and humbleness while serving Him. Please don’t forget all the people we work with, those whom we’ve visited and prayed for or the responsible people at the Camps. Prayer is a spiritual battle and the Lord wants us to continue until we enjoy the victory, without giving up halfway! 

1.With other believers from different countries like the States, the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic we went out today Thursday,19th of March visiting Camps, praying for the people and distributing goods. Not only chicken and eggs were distributed but also Bibles, New Testaments and other literature as well. It was cold and the day before it was raining but the Lord helped us to reach out to as many families as possible. The Lord blessed us when we visited Sister Najat; a refugee from Baghdad upon whom many diseases came and caused her great loss. She is alone without any help, but trusts the Lord and believes ‘Jesus will help me and change my situation to the best!’ she says. She is an encouragement for us and we pray for her and trust the Lord will change her situation. In the days that followed it was the same, though the weather changed, but we kept on going out visiting and helping. We literally felt spiritual attacks on our physical bodies and we knew that rest is necessary; the Lord helped us at the end until we left.

2.Arriving in Istanbul on Tuesday, 24th of March was a blessing for us because we could do few things and continue what we started with, that is our prayer for Turkey. We visited the Church again, took some literature with us then went out; praise God the weather was perfect. We visited many places including the Asian part of Istanbul, prayed there and had some food before returning back. The Lord blessed us mightily during the short time we spent there and we were ready to fly back home.

3.We arrived in time and brother Vaclav R. had to go back home but we had other obligations; first we went to Sister Suhaila where we stay with her family and spent a blessed time with them. On Wednesday, 25th of March we spent most of the time home, then we left to the city centre where we met Suhaila’s children and spent blessed time with them. When they went back home we stayed because we had to contact Pastors and Churches concerning our coming Summer Outreach. The Lord helped us to achieve few things and then spend time with Sister Suhaila and her family. Next day we contacted Pastor Bahgat from the Arabic Evangelical Church and spoke with him about the Summer Outreach and other matters. We learnt from him how God’s been doing mighty things and that now they have special service for saved refugees; God is mighty and He is doing great things in Austria too.

## It is a week since our arrival here and today Thursday, 19th of March we are publishing another Report about our activities. We ask every believer to join us and to pray, also encourage others to pray with you and ask them to support us through prayer while we are in Iraq. We are facing new challenges, especially when meeting widows who've lost everything...including their husbands. They are alone, have nobodyto help or support them and need all kind of help; please ask the Lord for guidance and how YOU should help. All of them have children, girls and boys, and they don't know what to do in such desperate and dire circumstances. We count on the living Christ to strengthen and help them; as said every prayer and help and need.

Every day in the morning we wake up and pray, thanking the Lord for the new day and for being safe; the battle is ragging on different fronts just thirty to forty kilometres away from us.

Whether in Kirkuk to the southwest or in Erbil to the north and west, there is continuous fighting between the Peshmerge and the IS; we pray for both. Then we leave to one of the many camps where the Christian refugees are allocated to; we greet the people, speak to the young people and encourage them then see the children. It is a heart breaking experience to see these children spending their time doing nothing, without school or education.

We need your prayer for such people, just proclaim the name of the Lord 

upon them and claim His promises for them. Ask the Lord to give them comfort through the Holy Spirit, our Comforter.

Most of the children are suffering from different kind of diseases, especially mental diseases added to clear curses!

We visited so many camps and have seen this phenomenon everywhere, it’s really broke our hearts; the Lord delivered many who were possessed. We are glad that brother Antony helped us by giving a phone number of a doctor who could treat such children free of charge. Seeing these Christian living under such circumstances after losing everything because of Islam we try to help mostly through the Word; normal word won’t comfort or reconcile them. The Lord blessed us through these people when we heard them uttering forgiveness towards Muslims; rarely we heard any one expressing anger or hatred. 

One of the families we visited told us about their own Muslim neighbours in Mousel/Nineveh, whom they've known for generations; those neighbours changed the moment the IS entered the city. They began insulted and cursing them calling them ‘Kafir’ and threatening to kill them.

With brother Antony we reach out to those Christians, who are from traditional background, teaching them the truth and asking them to read the Word. Thousands of Bibles and other books were distributed and we feel encouraged when we talk to people and find out that they have some questions. We took some Christian children with us, because they were obedient and did what we asked them to do, that is honour their parents, respect others and keep their place clean. 

They were like the ‘model’ for others to follow and this method has changed many to the better and the families are thankful for what we are doing. It is more difficult for the families to take care and control their children, when they have no place to keep them.We took the Team with us to visit some other 

Christian refugees; we've been taking care of them for years after fleeing Baghdad and coming to Erbil. They might seem better established, but they still have nothing; they are supported by our Ministry or the Church. They still have no future and need all kind of help, especially the old mother; every time we visit them we pray, read the Word and encourage them. 

Please do the same when you read this Report.We are encouraged while here in Erbil, Iraq because of the Feedback we are receiving, in which we are informed of the prayer for us and for our Ministry, the support for the Christian refugees and the offers of future cooperation. May you enjoy His peace and joy, always remembering us and those suffering Christians and their needs in your prayers and giving thanks to our Jesus for His protection.

## Going to a war zone is not an easy task, but when you are with Jesus, you know He'll keep you protected and get you THROUGH the storm. And today, Monday, 16th of March we publish this Report with some pictures asking you for your prayer. Intercede personally for us and claim the ground for Christ. Cover us with the blood of Jesus and ask Him to keep us encouraged despite all kind of resistance and attacks from the enemy. Rebuke every evil spirit in Jesus mighty name and claim favour; sometime we have people with authority resisting us. Jesus name is mighty and with Him we have the victory...always; be partaker of this victory through your prayers.

Report about the situation of Christian refugees in Iraq-2

Our activities began the very day we arrived in Erbil, Iraq by visiting a Muslim family and Brother Vaclav R. was amazed how kind and friendly they seemed to be. In reality they are kind and we've been taking care of them for a long while showing them the right way to God and teaching them the truth by living it. We love them and wish to see them walk in the truth and believe in our Lord, but the social pressure is immense. The father wants to have ‘the cross on my forehead’ as he says, but he knows it is nearly impossible because of relatives, neighbours and friends. Also such families need help because of the war; none of them is working!

 We've already published our first Report with some touching pictures, especially because of widows and their orphaned children. It is clear that such families need help and support; they are continuously under mental pressure also because of their children. 

Most of the people seem joyful and very friendly though they have lost everything; seeing what they have you wonder about the cause of their joy: It is Jesus!! Most of the Camps are known to us and our Team is visiting them from the beginning of the crisis and displacement of Christians from their homeland in Nineveh Province but also other parts of Iraq.

With time we discovered the real need of those people, it is a real need to the Word; although most of them are traditional Christians, they used to read the Bible and go regularly to Church. Being a displaced person with no private or regulated life, they lost everything including the time to read the Word, in fact many of them have no Bibles. We tried to help them with that too and everywhere we go we read the Word, explaining it as guided by the Holy Spirit and pray for them.

Other needs for such Christian refugees is to take care of the children and their future; because they are displaced people who've lost everything, including their IDs, passports, or any other document, they can NOT go to school or continue their studies. 

When we visit them, we also spend time with the children, teaching them few things and sometimes even take some of them out for a meal or something else. For the children this is the ‘special’ time to feel the normal life again; from our side we use it to teach them how to behave and to pray before having a meal.

We encountered some Europeans too who are helping in different ways; there was a woman doctor helping the Christian refugees and another man having study about Kurdistan and Kurdish people.

 It is encouraging for us to see that knowing God is sending His people to the right place to help and comfort His persecuted Church. We spoke with them and exchanged some information offering future contact, if they need any; they were very thankful and we went to visit some families and pray for them.

We are asking all of you for help because that is all what we could do: PRAY for these people, bless them every day and rebuke the spirit of Islam. Thousands of Muslims arrive in Europe through illegal ways, because they have people financing their ‘immigration’ but the Christian on the other hand have nobody to help them.

An urgent action is needed because the situation is getting worse; IS is attacking again from different directions; we are here and could feel it!

Please write us or send a Feedback, lets know what you are doing to encourage the people here; long term commitment is necessary. May the Lord guide you and let you know what is necessary.

## Today Saturday, 14th of March we publish our first Report from Iraq and ask you to remember our Ministry, our Team members in Iraq and the Christian refugees they are visiting in your prayers. Pray that the Lord will keep those active ‘in-the-field’ from all plans of the enemy. Pray that the Lord would use them mightily by reaching out to people and using the Word to comfort them and bring light in their lives. Proclaim the name of the Lord upon them and rebuke every evil spirit in Jesus mighty name. Please encourage others to join you and to pray; our Team working at the very front line!

On Wednesday, 11th of March after contacting some brothers and sisters ‘in-the-field’ and long prayer we drove Vienna and visited Suhaila; a dear sister who’s been helping us for a long time. The weather was cold, windy and rainy and despite the short time we had, she’s prepared lunch for us! We prayed together, ate and in hurry left to the Airport and arrived there in time around 1:20 pm. Brother Vaclav R. was nowhere to be found and we looked everywhere without avail; we had to pass through the passport control because the time was running. On arriving at the check-in area we found him there and we were very joyful…hallelujah! We arrive in Istanbul in time and immediately left to the centre; we wanted to visit the Church there and to our joy Pastor George from Moldavia and a big Russian-speaking Team were there. 

We prayed together, they blessed us and then we left to pray around the city and have something to eat. Next morning we went to the Airport and arrived in time; after a short delay we flew and arrived in Erbil just in time. 

Our coordinator, Broter Firas with a dear friend Ahmed K. was waiting for us and we drove directly to the Mission House then left to a nearby Majidy Mall. 

We gave thanks to the Lord, rested and cleaned for a while then joined them there; we needed few things and bought some food too. The first ‘active’ day was Friday, the 13th, we woke up in time to prepare for our first visit to refugees camp. We went there and visited Family Andryas; his wife has an operation because of cancer. We prayed with them, shared few things and informed them about our effort of helping them then called Brother Jan T. in the Czech Republic. He gave us some information about what they 

were doing and how far they've reached; we also learnt that a delegation from the Czech government will be arriving next month to help. We visited another family, prayed for others and gave the children some gifts before leaving to the city centre. Our Team visited some historical cities before driving to visit Family Umninus; a Christian refugee family we are taking care of for a long time. We ate with them, discussed their very difficult situation, prayed and then left to meet Pastopr Heitham from Kirkuk. We arrived near the building of the new Church of the Allegiance where the Women Conference was taking place and found him there. We spoke with his wife, who had a ‘special case’ for us; we listened for a while then with Sister Insaf from Canada we went to a Café to talk. We shared, discussed and exchanged some information; what they told us was heartbreaking and we were ready to help. We promised to do our best and to see them again before they return to Kirkuk. Sister Insaf arrived with some of her relatives and we shared with them before leaving to meet Abuna Benjamin at another Refugee Camp. We arrived there in time; he had a Team from Sweden with him and we decided to meet again next week. We visited some families, shared the Word with and prayed for many. We encounter a woman with three children; they were orphans and their father was murdered by the so called IS. We promised to help them and to come and see them again. We went back to the Mission House, prayed and gave thanks; we needed some rest too.

## Again we were busy trying to help the Christian refugees in Iraq, thus when invited by Dr. Jiri H. to took part in a Conference in Prague, we went there. Today Friday, 27th of February we publish this Report; please join us and pray, proclaiming the name of Jesus and claiming His promises.

After arriving at the Mission House from Chomutov the night before, we spent Monday morning, the 23rd of February in Pardubice asking the authorities for residency for a Team member. They gave us the needed information and we drove back joyful to the Mission House, prepared few things and made few calls. On Tuesday morning we drove again to Pardubice and the Lord surprised us; nobody was there and after a while we presented our request. Within a short time the needed residency was received and we left the place amazed; it was a real breakthrough and our Lord showed us His presence. We prayed, gave thanks to the Lord and drove to Prague; Brother Dr. Jiri H. has already reserved a place for us in a Conference titled “Islam and Europe”. We arrived in time and met few people including Mr.Zdenek; he was the one organizing the Conference. Many had the opportunity to speak like Ing. Jan BARTOŠEK; Doc. Pavel HOŠEK, Th.D.; Dr. Daniel KŘÍŽEK Ph.D.; Mgr. Ondřej BERÁNEK, Ph.D.; JUDr. Pavel KLUCKÝ; JUDr. Josef KOUTSKÝ; Ing. Jaroslav LUDVA; MUDr. Zuzana ROITHOVÁ

And many issues were discussed unfortunately most of the material mentioned was NOT facts and showed lack of understanding of the nature of Islam! We had the opportunity to speak and flatly stated facts and told the audience what is necessary to do; after that we prayed for the Christian refugees and asked the Lord for HIS intervention. After the Conference we met Brother Martin Z. and spent precious time with him; he needed some help and we discussed different matters of faith with him. On Wednesday morning we went to the Iraqi Embassy, spoke with Mrs. Alham Al. ; she is plenipotentiary and we needed her help. She invited us to her office and we asked her few things concerning passport unfortunately it was not in her authority! We promised to keep in touch and thanked her for everything then left to meet Sister Lida from Chomutov and her husband; they brought us our Camera which we've forgotten in Chomutov. We reached them in time, picked up the Camera then drove a way back to our Mission House; on arrival Brother Martin from Pardubice arrived too. He blessed us with 2000 Kč, discussed many issues about helping the Christian refugees in Iraq and then one Team member went to the Church taking part in Aglow women’s meeting. Thursday was a very busy day and we finally managed to send our Periodical Message and reach few believers and talk to them. We also managed to send our Report about the latest developments concerning the Christian refugees in Iraq to them. We received many calls and were glad to encourage many to continue praying and trusting the Lord. A Team member was giving lectures in English until around 7 pm.

## The Lord is mighty and He is using us mightily and we thank Him for that and publish this Report today Monday, 23rd of February asking you to pray. Pray because God kept us protected and brought us safely first to Zábřeh on Wednesday,18th of February where we met Pastor Tomas P. and his wife then to other places. Wednesday evening we had a Seminar about Islam “Islam: a peaceful religion?” at the end we had some discussion. We went with the pastor, his family and some believers for dinner and the Lord blessed us there; we drove with them and slept by the Pastor. We've had a wonderful, long time of discussion about many subjects, including our faith, and the Pastor blessed us and donated 2000 Kc for Christian refugees in Iraq. Next morning we had a blessed time with the family; the Pastor was away for some work in the Church. During the breakfast with his wife and two daughters we mentioned few things and finally prayed before leaving. We drove after that to Český Těšín to meet David O.; he is working with refugees and wants to cooperate with us and receive some material and information from us. We spent a precious time with him and another brother Vašekand enjoyed oriental meal together. Then a young pastor fromTřinec arrived and we shared few things about our work and how God brought us to faith. The young pastor was touched and he invited us to visit their Church on March the 8th and to use the time for sharing, preaching and possibly some more. We drove after that near Havířov to the CB Church; Pastor Tadea welcomed us for the meeting of workers with refugees from different Churches. We shared with them some information how to work with Muslims, shared a testimony and discussed different issues and answered many questions. Many of them offered their cooperation and asked us for help in the future; we promised to pray and to come back to them. Then we went with Pastor Tadea and enjoyed dinner with them before driving to Chotěbuz.There we stayed with a dear family; Family Jira, the wife and their three daughterswelcomed us. The husband, Richard, was away visiting his mother; it seems a sickness came upon her and she needed help. We spent precious time with them, and then left to bed. In the morning we met the husband, Richard, and two of the daughters; all were very friendly and kind to us. After breakfast and prayerthey blessed us with 1000 Kc for our Ministry just before leaving; then we left and drove back to our Mission House to prepare and be ready for the next Seminar in Chomutov.

On arrival we went to Sister Hela who’s invited us for lunch and we enjoyed it with the family then discussed many issues with her. We drove back to the Mission House, then brother Václav with two Sisters visited us. We discussed few issues, prayed and handed them NT in Arabic; they needed them for the refugees they know.

We spent Saturday morning at the Mission House to prepare then drove away and arrived in time in Jirkov; the AC in Chomutov rented a Cinema for the Seminar under the title: “Islam: A peaceful religion or a danger?”. The place was big and despite short delay for technical reasons all went well and we spent longer time than planned with Q/A before leaving. We went to Family Novák and there we had fellowship, shared and ate dinner together. Family Novák was very kind to us from the beginning and they wanted to know many things. In the morning of Sunday, 22 of February we gathered for prayer with the family, shared few things with them then went to AC Church. There we shared then preached about grace and the Lord touched everybody; after the Service we ministered to many. The Church blessed our Ministry with over 5000 Kc; we decided to use half of it for Christian refugees in Iraq. With Pastor Martin H. and Brother Pavel V. we went together and had a lunch then we drove back to the Mission House before joining Family Branda for the evening. We had a lot to do, also official matters and we were praying asking the Lord for HIS intervention. Many were praying for us too and believe that the Lord will give us a breakthrough; our God is so gracious.

## Today Wednesday, 18th of February we inform you about these events and ask for your prayer. The “Faith in Action” Team received an assessment from us about their behavior and what they should learn before leaving our Mission House with ‘great dance’ on Saturday, the 14th.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning and preparing before visiting a family. On Sunday we went to Service and one Team member Katerina had a testimony about how she was coping with the whole “Faith in Action” Team in our Mission House. Sister Monika B. spoke too followed by her daughter Martina B. who showed a wonderful video about the evangelizing in town. We invited Milan B. family for lunch after the Service, then Romana(New) and Zdenek visited us; we discussed everything with them. First we 

told them about the spiritual consequences of their deeds and showed them the right way to live and walk with God. Then we went to CB for David Tabernacle worship time before visiting a grandmother; the Lord blessed us there. On Monday we worked home then at 5 pm Sarka came to us; she needed consoling and the Lord guided us in blessed way. When we prayed the Lord touched her and she could not stay seated; we encouraged her and promised to continue praying for her and her children.The whole Monday was spent home with work and preparation then on Tuesday we continued our preparation, visited Sabina around 5 pm and had a wonderful time with her and the children. We had to hurry up back to the Mission House because we supposed to have our Home Group ‘Adventure in the Bible’. We found some brothers and sister waiting for us and the Lord guided us with a wonderful theme about the Millennium; more believers came than we expected.

## Today Friday, 13th of February we write another Report concerning our latest activities also with “Faith in Action”. On Tuesday morning we had a Teaching about Koinonia and how we should behave towards others. Then at around1:30 pm we continued and had a long discussion before leaving to Chrudim; there we supposed to testify and share in Aglow meeting. We arrived there in time and the Lord surprised us, because the Church was completely full; in fact some people had no place to sit and were standing. It took us around two hours and after that we discussed with few people, prayed and anointed two sisters and time of fellowship. Sister Monika B. and her husband, who came with us had a special encounter too and took some pictures there. God was so good to us and we thank Him for His faithfulness. Then on Wednesday morning a Team member had to leave and fly to Bucharest, Romania for some official matter; he finished with one day and flew to Vienna on Thursday. The “Faith in Action” Team went of that Wednesday to Hradic Zion Christian School and met people from Element Church. On Thursday Rob came to our Mission House and taught the “Faith in Action” Team about “Communication and Speech”; that evening our Team member returned from Bucharest, Romania to Vienna, Austria. Today Friday the “Faith in Action” Team went to an Elementary School and taught about the Bible in a very special way. It was a great success; and our Team member arrived back from Vienna, Austria and together went to the Youth Group of BJB Church. It was very interesting time and we learnt few things and enjoyed the time especially when ….. began.

##The youth in “Faith in Action” were NOT very excited about Monday’s plan especially because we supposed to GO to the world. Today Tuesday, 10th of February we publish this short but very impressive Report. Please rejoice with us and PRAY for us, the youth group and our Mission House; ask the Lord for more wisdom and courage. Ask the Lord to help the youth in their wonderful simplicity and unity; claim great joy for them in Jesus holy name. Pray for our Team and the way the coup with this big youth group in our Mission House; ask the Lord for His continuous guidance. We feel the power of your prayer and ask you in Jesus holy name to continue, believing in His power and trusting Him; yes, HE hears prayers.

The gathering of the youth in the morning was punctual and after reading and Devotional two had to leave because school obligations. Then few things were discussed and the day continued with a Teaching about “Why do we evangelize?”.

One brother taught them while going through the Bible, using verses from the Old and New Testament. After that a ‘practical’ time was given to let everyone get acquainted with what they might face. Many examples were given and the way we should react and all seemed very interested…but! Then the Teaching continued with “Why do we NOT evangelise?” and again examples were given and time was taken to talk about evangelizing Muslims.

It was made clear that evangelizing Muslims is absolutely different and reasons were given because of special doctrines in Islam. We had lunch together, had a short break and began to prepare for departure; the tracts, flyers and else were ready. Every Team consisted of two smaller Teams: one praying while the other outreaching; they supposed to switch after that.

It was cold and windy but getting warmer and we reached the centre of town and each Team went its way. It started well and many of us handed flyers and tracts to people but other were not so successful; one told us later that every flyer he gave was given back to him. Other had the opportunity to talk with people, explain the message of salvation and even take or give a phone number.

Most of the people we reached out to were surprised because we were talking about God and Jesus. It was encouraging to see the youth handing out flyers and else, talking to people and even inviting people for a drink. The leader, Brother Jirka F., handed each Team member some money to use and it worked well.

One Team invited three young people for some drinks and they accepted; a good conversation took place. They were offered some help to learn or practice English or German and they were delighted to hear that; telephone numbers were exchanged and we believe they’ll visit the Mission House. After returning back the Teams shared their experience and they were excited that all went better than they expected.

Many matters discussed like the method we should use and which extra information we need to have…etc and then the leader, Brother Jirka F. encouraged everyone to prepare their testimonies and present it before the Church. After dinner everyone had a free time to prepare for next day the assignment they had; it was a blessed day and we ask for prayer.

## Coming together in the name of Jesus was wonderful and our Mission House was ‘alive’ with nearly twenty people and today Monday,9th of February we want to publish the latest activities. Please continue praying for us and the youth in “Faith in Action” from Opava and ask the Lord for His guidance. Ask Him to keep us safe and concentrating on His Word. Always cover us with His blood and claim complete protection, especially for the mind.

Early in the morning everybody was up preparing for our departure to Hradic K. and as soon as we had our breakfast and prayer we left around 8:30 am. It was snowing and cold but the Lord brought us safe and in time there and directly we went to Element Church.

It was located in a cinema and was big enough; many believers from different nations were there. We spoke with some of them then went inside for the Service at 10 am and after the worship a Sister, Dita T. began the Word.

Her message was short but very precise and direct; we liked the way she presented it. After the Service we had the opportunity to speak to many believers, discuss some faith matters with them and finally Sister Dita T. arrived. We spoke with her for a while and she informed us how everything began with a simple Bible Study session for students over 10 years ago.

We learnt about Muslims being part of it at that time and how they learnt how to run such a gathering and then started their own BUT with Islamic material! We thanked them the departed driving back to our Mission House. The lunch was served and discussion took place with feedback about the Service at the Element Church.

Special encounter: All in one!                               Inside the Element Church-Hradic K.

Then we had a time of discussion with the leaders about the intended Outreach on Monday, after that a Teaching Session about Islam began. New people were there including Brother Simon, the leader of the Youth Group in BJS and the teaching continued until around 5:30 pm.

A brother had to leave and they drove him to the railway station then dinner was served and after it the film “God is not dead” was presented and a discussion about it took place.

Many of the youth were very interested especially about the arguments made to prove that God was not dead. Some of them said they'll use it too, which is very encouraging especially because tomorrow we supposed to go out to the streets and reach out to people.

Many matters were discussed and things were prepared for Monday; nearly everyone had a task to do for next day.

## We bless the Lord of grace and mercy for His mighty presence in our midst and today Sunday,8th of February we want to inform you about the first day of "Faith in Action" in our Mission House. Please pray with us and intercede for those taking part in it. Claim understanding and wisdom for all people and proclaim the Word of the Lord upon them. Continue covering them with the blood of Jesus and proclaim protection for our Mission House in Jesus mighty name.

Arrival with joy

It was around 1:30 pm when Brother Jiri and other Team members arrived on Saturday, the 7th and our Team was expecting them.

The needed some rest but had no time to do so because other members were arriving shortly by train and had to be picked from the railway station. After a sort conversation they left and one of our Team members went to help them. The Mission House was ready to receive them and the Gathering Room was prepared for their arrival and after a short introduction lunch was served.

They are young and active and joy could be seen on their faces; everybody enjoyed the oriental meal which we've prepared for them. They needed a short break then the first part of the Teaching began with

"Encountering God". It was a long testimony of one of our Team connected with God's ways with His dealing with mankind.

Everybody was very interested and it was visible they were touched; we prayed that the Lord would give them NEW and fresh encounter. We had another break to have dinner and then the Teaching Session continued with "Water Baptism and Baptism of the Holy Spirit".

We had a discussion after that and many questions were answered then at around 8:30 pm the 'day' was done. Finally the program for the next day was announced and everyone could do as they pleases and though many needed some sleep, most of them spent the time talking and discussing.

##The gracious God enabled us to travel to Germany with a team of four and today Monday,2nd of February we want to inform you about the work of God. Please join us and pray for those people to whom we prayed, spoken to or handed flyers and other materials. Pray for the Church in Germany and ask the Lord for protection and guidance; they are facing challenges because of the flood of Muslim ‘refugees’. Pray for us and our Ministry and ask the Lord for humbleness and wisdom when we serve Him.

1. We were very busy preparing many things for our Trip to Germany and since the time was short we had to condense the material we wanted to present; praise the Lord we did it in time. The weather was somehow fine and we could travel without problem, but then it began to snow.

We thank the Lord for bringing us in time to a dear Sister Marie who has already prepared a place for our Team to stay. We spent precious time together, had something to eat and then began sharing. Some calls were made in order to prepare for the Service next day. God is good and everything was arranged especially after talking to the pastor and discussing matters with him. Half of our Team, Sister Monika and her daughter, left with another Sister; they supposed to stay there until next morning. It was agreed that 

we should meet and go evangelizing at the centre of the city. The two other members spoke with the dear Sister for a long time, with reading from the Bible and prayer until around midnight. Next day Friday, 30th of January we spent time together to meditate upon the Word, pray together and prepare for the Evening Service at 7 pm.

Then our Team left to meet the other members; it was snowing very heavy the whole night and the car was covered with snow. It was also very difficult to drive, but the Lord brought us safely and in time to Sister Kerstin; together we went to the centre. We walked around after praying and visited some places and just before returning back for lunch Sister Kerstin took us to the Zoo!! It was an expected surprise but we enjoyed it, walked around, took some pictures and appreciated God’s creation; He is the REAL Master. We went back, had some delicious German food and wanted to go out again and distribute material.

Unfortunately some news reached one Team member and caused us real 

sadness, because a girl we arepraying for was facing big troubles. The atmosphere changed and we decided to stay and spend time of fellowship together before going to Church; we arrived in time and began to pray. They welcomed us with true love and after praying together the Service began with wonderful worship songs. There was prayer and reading from the Bible before one Team member had the opportunity to share. With presentation of many pictures and a word about each he informed the Church about 

God’s mighty work among Christian refugees and Muslims. He told them about healing of young people, miraculous saving of an old man and provision. He commented also about the spirit of Islam, the Sharia and Jihad and made it clear that Christ alone is the answer. The Pastor read from the Bible after that confirming the testimony and explaining the way Christians should deal with Islam and Muslim refugees.

At the end we prayed for many people and the Lord gave one brother a Vision; it was very clear and strong confirming the prayer of the Pastor. Finally they blessed us, told us to come again and promised to stay in contact; our Team split and went back to their places. Each spent a precious time of reading and prayer, though it was late; we had to prepare for the next day, because we are going again on the streets to reach out.

Saturday morning, 31st of January was a very cold day, snow was still falling but we had to go because we had a Mission and wanted to reach out to people. We arrived there and went together to the centre; in the beginning we did not see many people but with time many came despite the heavy snow.

We spoke to some, handed them flyers and other materials and prayed for many Muslim women who were walking around and shopping. It was a great success for us despite the very cold weather and with joy we returned to our Sister Marie; our other Sister, Kerstin, have already prepared some food for us and were there before us. We shared, prayed together, had a wonderful mean and then left after taking with us many books which we received as a gift from Sister Marie. With heart full with joy we left, though it was so wonderful and we would have wished to spend more time there but we were in hurry.

A Sister from Iraq was on her way to Prague and we supposed to pick her up! Praise God we arrived there in time, picked her up and drove to our Mission House, the Lord though had a surprise for us: Monika’s mother have prepared a dinner for us! We enjoyed it together, enjoyed the warmth, spent time together and then left; our Iraqi Sister with us.

## The whole time we were busy serving the Lord on different levels and at different places and today Thursday, 29th of January we are publishing these activities. Please join us in our prayer that the Lord would use our Service to revive those people who’ve heard our message. Pray that the Word we’ve spoken will be used to open the eyes of people to the truth and the Holy Spirit would guide them to repentance. Pray that the Lord would keep us protected and make us invisible to the enemy in His holy name. Claim a great breakthrough for those Churches we served in and great harvest in Jesus mighty name

We received many visitors who came to our Mission House and we share the Word and the love of Christ with them. One Sister she came with her invalid daughter and God gave us precious time together. Then we had our ‘Adventure in the Bible’ meeting and the Lord used it mightily to reach out to His people.

With a bigger Team of 4 members we went to Vikýřovice and had a Seminar about “Islam: Fiction or Reality?” and the Church was overcrowded! It started snowing on our arrival and the place looked different after a short while, but it did not prevent us. It was amazing how the Lord brought people from different background and gathered them there.

At the end we answered questions, prayed for some people and spent precious time with Brother Daniel O. And his family. On Sunday, the 25th the Lord guided us and we preached a strong message about grace and what the Church should do; at the end of the Service one the elders said "God has spoken to us directly and we

should move!".We were invited to a dear Sister and met many other believers and the Lord used the time to speak to us; we received a Vision for her. When we left a Sister saw a picture hanging on the wall; it was the same as we have seen in that Vision.

On Wednesday, 28th of January we had a Seminar about "Islamic Sharia and the rights of Women in Islam".

The new place was full and the Lord used us again to reach out to people and tell them the truth. Many were so moved and at the end we handed out Flyers with DVDs; our first in such Seminars.

## We want to thank all believers who were praying for us and today Sunday, 18th of January we want to inform you about the mighty work of our God. On Friday,16th of January when our Team arrived in Prague, Czech Republic to join those demonstrating against the islamization of their country and Europe we were amazed.

The place was full with people from different part of the country but also covering ALL kind of movements, parties and religious group. Simple people but also politicians were present and their demands were very simple, that is they want to live in peace and Islam should NOT dominate and change their society.

We listen to many testimonies of Ex-Muslims, heard a speech of a politician, an MP, and everybody sang the national hymn. All was peaceful, well organized and we did not hear hate slogans or bigot commentaries; everything was very clear and rational.

We were praying then spoke to an Member of Parliament(MP) as well as some of the speakers and the organizer. We left full with peace and prayed for the city; God's answered our prayers and nobody abused the even.

We thank the Lord for hearing our prayers and moving people in such a peaceful and wise way and again we want to thank all those who've joined and prayed with us. Please continue praying for the Czech Republic and whole of Europe rebuking the spirit of Islam and proclaiming the name of our Lord Jesus. Then next day we had a meeting concerning Christian refugees in Iraq and how to help them in which Brother Jiri H. was present. He is active talking to politicians, Churches and other people with authority. He is doing everything to help Christian refugees to be moved from where they are and to resettle them in Europe. We explained the situation, gave evidence and many examples and encouraged him to continue, offering 

him our cooperation. The meeting continued until late afternoon and before leaving he invited us to a Conference of a Christian part in Prague. We were thankful but were not sure to join him at that Conference because of other obligations, but we promised to pray and stay in contact.

##While our Teams in Central Europe were busy with many invitation, visits to families and else our Team in Iraq, through our coordinator Brother Firas, sent us another Report. And today Thursday, 8th of January we are publishing all what we’ve received, asking every one of you, dear believers and partners, for prayers. Pray that our workwould continue in this New Year, that we would reach out to more people and the Lord would bring great harvest. Pray for protection, especially for our Prayer Team in JHPH as well as those working in danger zones, like Iraq. Pray that more souls would be reached and brought to Christ, that heaven will rejoice. Ask the Lord for provision because the need is great, not only for the Christian refugees, but also for our own needs. We have responsibility running two Mission Houses, training believers and supporting Christian refugees; we KNOW that God is our Provider and we will lack nothing. Proclaim the same with us in Jesus holy name; may HIS will be done.

1.We were busy with Brother Antony and his Team visiting NEW Camps for Christian refugees and fulfilling their needs. It was amazing how they received the Word first and though they lack everything, especially milk and food for little children, they always asked us to have ‘spiritual time’.

They wanted to hear the Word, which we gladly did and the Holy Spirit touched many of them. It was natural for us to pray for the sick and they were so many; the enemy, so it seems, was harassing these people who’ve lost everything. We kept going to them many times and the Lord used that precious time to open the eyes of many to HIS truth; for the first time they received Jesus in their life. We were also busy with many other matters, including a bitter subject concerning 

some servants of the Lord. They seem to have forgotten love and concentrating on judging others; Jesus told us to love other believers to show the world that we are His, but love was lacking! I discussed it with at least two of them and explained my position, assuring that what our Team was doing was from God and for His glory. That we walk in the light was visible and every Christian refugee we visited, prayed for or taught would confirm it. We read the Bible, prayed in the name of Jesus and anointed people, as the Bible says, and the Lord confirmed the Word we spoken through miracles and healings.

Now we are preparing the Mission House for some Servants of the Lord who should be arriving soon and we need to provide for them. We are asking the Lord and all of you to PRAY for us and to remember our needs. Pray also for our coming to Central Europe to testify and encourage the Saints.

2. During and after Christmas we visited many families, taught them the Word and prayed with them. We also took part in the New Year's Eve and enjoyed a blessed time with the faithful there.

Then on the 2nd and 3rd of January our Team went Emmanuel Centre in seclusion with members of a Church we cooperate with; the intention was to seek the face of the Lord and to pray for the future of the Church.

It was a time of quietness and prayer, though we had time together while having our meals. There was also time for worship and discussion and we took part in it; the Lord used us to encourage the believers. When we returned we had the opportunity to minister to a dear lady who’s been suffering from many loses in life. 

The Lord gave us a Word for her and it was visible how the Holy Spirit touched and freed her from many fears; she was ready to accept the Lord. Then, starting

from Monday, 5th of January we took part in the Prayer Chain and the Lord gave us a Word for the Church; the conclusion came last evening when we went to the final meeting. The Lord spoke through us and we told the believers what He put in our hearts. We need to continue our prayer and ask every believer to join us—God is Good…hallelujah!

## Our Team in the Czech Republic sent us two Reports and today Monday, 29th of December we are publishing them. Thank the Lord for the new doors He’s opened before us and pray that the Word we’ve spoken there would bring fruits. Pray for the people who were touched by the Word and ask the Lord to confirm it through signs following. Proclaim the Word of the Lord upon all of us and ask for a humble spirit and wisdom.

1.On Sunday, 28th of December the Lord brought us in time around 10 am to the town of….just before the Service began; it was great because nearly a year ago on Sunday, 29 of December, we testified and preached here!

The worship was vivid and Pastor David L. guided by the spirit began with prayer and a Word from the Lord. Many came forward and shared with us the mighty works of God in their lives and then we had the Word. It was a testimony about our work among Christian refugees in Iraq with power point presentation then a Word fitting to the situation.

After the Service we were encouraged because believers came and hugged us, thanking the Lord for the Word. One Sister said “ It is the second time I heard you and it was confirmed to me that your preaching takes fear away from our hearts…”. Then a brother with his wife prepared a delicious meal for us; the time was used for sharing and prayer then we left.

2.Through Sister Monika B. the Lord prepared the way for our Team to go to Usti to testify before a mixed Team of Czech and Estonian young believers. On arrival around 8 pm Pastor David greeted us heartily and immediately offered us some food and began informing us about the Ministry he is engaged with.

It was amazing and the atmosphere was filled with joy. They were ‘teaching’ some Estonian words and expressions, some drinks and chocolate as we as dance! We enjoyed everything with them before sharing what the Lord put on our hearts. We told them about Mesopotamia, the ancient land of the Chaldean, and many historical facts including some traditional dance.

 Finally we were asked to share our testimony about how Jesus saved us and we shared it in all details; God was great and present and everyone felt Him. We were glad to receive such invitation and to see doors opened to such a country; may the Lord use all for His glory. 

## Despite the fact that the prayers of the Saints have availed a lot, today Wednesday, 24th of December we are publishing this Report from the Voice of the Martyrs. Please keep praying and be encouraged by such testimonies. Ask the Lord to reach out and touch His people and give them comfort. Join us in our intercessory prayer for the Church in Iraq and proclaim the name of Jesus upon the whole country. Ask the Lord for signs and miracles and claim healing for the land. We believe the Almighty God is able to heal and restore, remembering His promise of rebuilding Assure, which is today’s Iraq.

Iraq: Church Bells Now Silent

At least 100,000 Christians fled the Plain of Nineveh last summer. The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has since invaded northern Iraq and occupies both the churches and homes of Christians. Only the Kurdish autonomous region is still a safe area for Christians and other minorities. Matthea Vrij, a Dutch reporter, went to look for the displaced in Erbil, Kurdistan. She had an unexpected encounter with an old acquaintance.


In 2003, Iraq had 1.5 million Christians. They are called Assyrians or Chaldeans, and they speak modern Aramaic. But their number is now estimated at roughly 400,000. In 11 years’ time, more than two thirds fled, emigrated or were killed. One of the largest attacks in Baghdad in 2010 killed 68 people. “Abuna Mazen! It’s you!” My voice sounds too loud in the small field hospital. I had hoped to find the priest in this metropolis, and I am surprised that he is sitting here, surrounded by hundreds of people who have set up camp in a churchyard. They have been camping here in Kurdistan since August. All of them were forced to flee from ISIS. In 2011, I had an extensive interview with Abuna (“Father” in Aramaic) Mazen Ishoa at his Church in Qaraqosh, east of Mosul in the Plain of Nineveh. Now that I meet him again three years later, he says that he is in the tent camp to visit and support believers spiritually. “This is vital because there is a lot of spiritual distress,” he tells me. A nurse also says that depression occurs often here in the refugee camp. Another family from Abuna Mazen’s city share of their distress. Showing me a photo, the father tells me, “This was my daughter. She died of an ISIS mortar, along with two neighbor children. She was 36.” The father, brothers and sister of the murdered woman, Inaam Isho Poulos, are now living in an empty office. “It was to be a wonderful day; she was to be engaged that day. But she was buried instead,” Inaam’s sister tells me.

The family of Inaam Isho Poulos, a woman killed in an ISIS motar attack, is now camped in an empty office in Erbil, like many Christians who fled ISIS.

She explains that, though tragic, there was, “perhaps a reason that she died.” When her sister was hit by the mortar, she says, “The exodus began, just in time. Thousands of people were rescued by her death.” Women who might have otherwise been kidnapped and raped by the ISIS militants were also saved. Inaam’s sister recalls that the Church bells in the Plain of Nineveh rang to warn the people. The Church bells stopped ringing after that night, when the Christians fled. For the first time in 1600 years, they are silent. Abuna Mazen doesn’t know if he will ever return to Qaraqosh. Though he was away in Europe when the mortar shell struck his city and killed Inaam, he has been forced to flee terrorist attacks in the past. In 2010, he left Mosul after his father and two brothers were slaughtered like animals in their own home. There was little to prevent Islamic terrorists from doing what they wanted even then.

Dutch journalist Matthea Vrij speaks with Abuna Mazen Ishoa as he encourages Christians who fled the Ninevah Plains in Iraq.

And in 2007, the terrorists kidnapped him and held him captive for a week. Did all these experiences give him all the more reason to hate Islamic extremists? “No. I tell you the same as I told you three years ago: I hold no grudge against the extremists. Love your enemies, Jesus says. And the Bible is clear: if you follow me, you will be persecuted.” Abuna Mazen says that in spite of centuries of difficulties, God will make a way. He is studying to become the manager of a monastery in Iraq. “Yes, here in Iraq! Christianity will remain here.”

## Our coordinator, Brother Firas, informed us about the latest activities and today Tuesday, 23rd of December we are publishing them. Please join us in our prayers, pray for Brother Anton and claim protection for him and the Team with him. Ask the Lord to fulfil all their needs and to guide them to the right place in order to preach the gospel and reach out to people.

1) We went to visit some places and discovered yet new Christian refugees whom we did not know about. We prayed with the people asked about their needs and promised to help them. We visited some of the families whom we take care of and found out they need more help, especially for the children; we promised to bring them more milk. It was very cold and they needed heaters; we promised to pray for them and trust the Lord to provide. We were in communication with Brother Antony who was coming back to Erbil and we were supposed to coordinate matters for his arrival.

2) On Sunday, 21st of December I was in Duhok doing some work, but the enemy was working behind us! I learnt from my wife on my return on Monday that some body was claiming something against Salman, but most of all blaspheming the Holy Spirit! We reported the case in which a girl was touch by the Holy Spirit and He is manifesting Himself mightily through her; that person called this manifestation ‘hysteric’ and claimed it was caused because of Salman’s prayer. What he did NOT know both Salman and I prayed for her and the Lord proved to me personally it was HIS Holy Spirit: I prayed silently while visiting that family and asked God to let me hear angel’s sing and immediately it happened. We ask for your prayers and the establishment of the truth. Later I picked up Brother Antony, who supposed to stay in our Mission House, and then pick up the rest of his Team.We visited many places and I told Brother Antony to directly help the people instead of giving the money to other “When you see any need then help them” I told him and God confirmed my word.

## We continues our visits to the Camps helping Christian refugees, praying for them and giving them the little donations we received and today Wednesday, 17th of December we are publishing some more Reports. Please continue your prayers for the Christian refugees and our work among them. Pray that the Lord would silence every mouth speaking lies and deceit against us and our Ministry. Proclaim the name of Jesus upon us, every step we take in faith and upon the people we contact and work with.

1.We visited the Christian refugees near Saint Joseph Church, prayed with some of them and informed them about some new, negative development. They were very upset because a director of Christian organization claimed that Christian in Iraq were ‘not persecuted’ most of them felt betrayed. We asked them to be patient and to forgive, as Jesus told us; it was hard though because all of them have lost property, everything they had and even some family members. We visited after that some other families and prayed for them until the Lord directed us to a very special family. They were from Mousel, have lost everything but somehow were very joyful! We discovered a miracle done by the Holy Spirit in their midst; they daughter was worshiping God with tongues. We spent over five hours with them before leaving, and God spoke to us in a wonderful way; they asked us to visit them again.

2. On Thursday morning, 18th of December we visited another Camp near Bazar Neshtiman and saw the needs of the people. We prayed for many families and especially for Children before leaving to Ainkawa; we supposed to meet the director of a Christian organization. On arrival he was not there but when he came he told us to wait ‘…for around 45 minutes…’ we agreed and thank the Lord he arrived back in time. We discussed many issues and made it clear to him that we will inform the Christian refugees about his writing to the Czech Republic and Germany, but will not mention his name now. We discussed many other issues and agreed about keeping a distance but with love and respect. We visited after that another Camp then with our coordinator Brother Firas went to the same family like yesterday. The Lord blessed us mightily and while Brother Firas was silently praying and asking the Lord to let him hear an angel sings. Immediately that girl began singing in tongues, worshiping the Lord; her voice completely changed…hallelujah!

##Jesus always went to seek and find the lost sheep and as our example we follow in His footsteps and today Monday, 15th of December we publish the latest reports from our Teams. Please join us in our prayer for our Team members, pray for the people they reached and ask the Lord for protection and guidance. Pray that they would have favour in the hearts of people they meet and authorities they speak to, ask for guardian angels to be with them and around them. Ask the Lord that His Holy Spirit would use them mightily, guiding them in wisdom and word and opening their eyes to avoid sin and be humble.

1.It was raining on Saturday morning, 13th of December and we were working and praying at the Mission House; we wept the whole morning because of the Christian refugees.

They live in tents and the ground was very wet, their tents were cold and many of them, especially children, were sick. We prayed and asked the Lord for help according to His will to give them comfort, then we left to visit a Camp and pray with the people; they were hopeful that Pastor Eli Karam would come and visit them. After finishing that, buying some medicine to two families we 

went to our Mission House. We waited for Priest Benjamin from the Syriac Orthodox Church who wanted to use the Mission House for a meeting and prayer, since we agreed to allow them to use the place. He arrived despite the heavy rain and Salman left to Church. It was the second day of the Revival Conference with Pastor Eli Karam and the Church was full despite the rain.

Many came from faraway cities, towns and villages; the Lord blessed them in a very special way when they received Christ as Lord and Saviour. Also healing took place and other miracles; many came forward to testify.

2. On Sunday morning, 14th of December we picked up Pastor Eli Karam and drove to faraway Camp; people were in despair because of the still continuing rain. But he started a 

Service, began preaching the Word then invited people to receive Christ; praise God many came forward. They had a great lack of knowledge of the Word but the Lord fed them very well. At the end Pastor Eli Karam prayed for the sick and they felt the touch of the Holy Spirit immediately. He prayed for very sick people, children and other needs and we have faith the Lord answered.

Then together we prayed on garments, piece of clothes and other material and anointed them to be used for sick people.. We left and went to another Camp; again the people had all kind of need, especially spiritually. Pastor Eli Karam preached, taught them the Word and invited them to accept Christ. Again many received Christ as Lord and Saviour and after that he prayed for 

the sick and the Lord touched and healed many. Again we did the same and prayed on pieces of clothes, garments, and else before leaving. Our coordinator Brother Firas stayed with Pastor Eli Karam after we had a meal together, but Salman left to Saint Elijah Church; people had needs there and they called him. He visited many families and prayed for them, teaching them the Word and asking them to repent from any sin they have. He anointed many and people felt heat in their body or dizzy because of the touch of the Holy Spirit. Salman left after that to the opening of a NEW Church and there he met many dear brothers and sisters he has not seen for years.