Beloved in the Lord Feedback is very important because it encourages the believers when they see or hear about the mighty work of their God. And though we know that God is always at work, it is something special to hear from our brothers and sisters about what He was doing in their lives. It is also important to see Jesus glorified; all what the Holy Spirit does is to do just that. When you inform us about what the Lord did in your life, then OTHERS could rejoice with you…and glorify our Lord. We encourage you to let us know about what was happening in your life and how the Lord touched or spoken to you. If you experience Jesus, let others know about it!


# November, 3rd Election

--A View --

Dears and beloved in the Lord,

It took us nearly half a year to come back to you and send such a message concerning the November, 3rd 2020 ‘election’ in the United States. When we were contacting our Teams Members, partners home and abroad and others concerning this matter, many leaders, dear friends and brothers/sisters in the Lord asked us this question “Is it necessary to send such a message at such a time…isn’t it late?”

We ALWAYS pray before coming back to you; we learnt over the years to pray and wait; I believe it was worth it to wait, because what the Lord showed us THEN, before the Election, was confirmed during the ‘First 100 Days in Office’!

It is bitter to go back and try to remember WHAT was happening in the United States AND the World since the beginning of 2020. The matter with the so-called Corona Virus, which was later, designated as ‘Pandemic’ WAS A SIGN…unfortunately MANY, even many believers did NOT understand.

Add to it the so-called ‘Primaries’ and what was happening between the so many ‘candidates’ ; Biden was so down on the List – the Fifth from all Candidates. Then there was the time when ‘Everything STOPPED’ and nothing was happening --- really?!

Do you remember the ‘Basement’ and what Biden-and-Team were doing? Then, the ‘Candidacy’ of Biden to run against President Trump. IF you were asked today “WHAT did you notice as UPNORMAL at that time, both in the visible, but also in the invisible, what would your answer be?”

It was not ‘Oh, suddenly it happened!”…because the SIGNS were there, but nobody seemed to notice – I am talking about the Taken Over by the so-called Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter…etc.). I must admit it was well-planned and well-executed and many were surprised – but why should they? At the End Time Evil Power will NOT only do evil in secret, but will do it publicly and be proud of it, encouraging others to do the same. “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” Romans 1:32.

There was WRATH upon those who are serving the devil in different ways, as we read: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness…” 

Romans 1:18.

BUT they did NOT care; they’ve planned everything nearly in a perfect way, still they couldn’t succeed because ONLY the Word and the Ways of the Lord are perfect.

When you serve in the Middle East, where people believe in superstitions and myths; where people believe in ‘Good Devils’ and ‘Bad Devils’…etc. you hear a lot of things AND most of the time there is SOME truth found in such rumours. One of such rumours was about the curses the Mullahs in Iran have sent against America, and the ‘Good Devils’ they prayed to and asked to “…destroy the Great Satan (America) and the Small Satan (Israel)…”. You could say, they sold their souls to the devil in order to have somebody installed in the White House, who could cooperate with them and lift up the crippling sanctions.

But also in the Spiritual you could sense the shift to a darker world; every war or a proxy-war was the VISIBLE Sign to what was going on (The Battle) in the Invisible – America was GREAT at the time of President Trump and the Church was riding a wave of success. Millions of American returned to God

because of what President Trump was doing: In public or behind the scene. Every prayer uttered in the White House shook the Foundation of Evil in Washington, DC and worldwide. Every prayer uttered in Congress, was shaping our world, and shaping America. The devil felt ‘cornered’…and he poured out his anger and wrath in a very evil way. Deception was his weapon; it is the well-practiced and well-wielded weapon he used since his fall –and it will be the SAME weapon, which he will use again at the End Time.

Hear what our Lord Jesus says concerning THAT “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” Matthew 24:4-5.

Was the STEALING well done? YES; it was well-planned and Not-Very-Well executed – thousands of witnesses and evidence are there BUT the Justice System failed the TRUTH!

I am not going to mention names, show videos or statistics…ALL of that is available (Until the Control-The-People Media removes it!) but I can tell you: Today, demonic powers are better united than the Children of Light!

HOW can we prove that we are right?

The Lord opened our eyes and we watched, with dismay, horror and with hearts weeping-for-America when we read the FIRST Executive Orders: They were demonic, directly from hell!

Let me mention some:

1. “On his first day in office, President Joe Biden issued a sweeping executive order making clear that gay and transgender people are protected against discrimination in the workplace, schools, health care, and other realms of American life”

2. Dr. Rachel Levine made history when President Biden announced her as his nominee for assistant secretary of health. If confirmed, she will become the first openly transgender federal official approved by the Senate.

3. Biden legalizing cannabis would be a huge step toward racial equality—2.February -- The Biden administration now has the opportunity to listen to the American people and use cannabis reform as a step towards racial equality.

4. Biden Makes His Fight for LGBTQ Rights International-4.February -- In his first remarks to State Department staff since his inauguration, President Joe Biden on Thursday announced that he was issuing a presidential memorandum laying out new policies for America’s diplomats to promote and protect the rights of LGBTQ people around the world.

I want to declare: The Lord rebuke you, Satan, take your hands away/off God’s People.

And just like that the Government controls all sporting events, concerts, jobs, colleges, medical facilities, food and even toilet papers AND whether or not you can leave your own house or travel home or abroad. They now control you and everything about your life by using viruses to scare you and the public. Anything you say now is either ‘Conspiracy Theory’ or ‘Anti-Government’ -- ALL freedom has been limited overnight. Strange enough ALL happened prior to Biden entry to the White House!

Our Lord declares: "But he who sins against Me injures himself; All those who hate Me LOVE DEATH" Proverbs 8:36 – killing unborn babies is a sin against God…and allowing Homo-marriage is not different!

We want to encourage you though to “…be still and know I am God” – our Almighty God is preparing a People for Himself during the time of deception, confusion and lies. Turn back to Him, seek Him with all your heart and let Him guide you; the world will be surprised. Let’s stand together and declare, as the Word of God says “…Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven…”

As His chosen People, we have the responsibility to declare that daily when we pray, everywhere we go and declare it loudly – let it be the Battle’s Shout of God’s People before His Second Return.

May God bless America…and prepare the hearts of His People for His Continuous Presence. Amen.

Have a \\\^I^/// Blessed Day

“…I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me”

Micah 7:7

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# Resurrection Sunday Message, 4th of April 2021

"Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for He is risen, as He said..." Matthew 28:5-6

Dear and beloved,

We greet you in Jesus holy name and wish all of you a blessed Resurrection Sunday, sending our Resurrection Sunday Message 2021 and believing the Lord wants to speak to you through it. May you, all, experience His Resurrection Power, while reading the Word and remembering all what Jesus went through.

May He, the One Who has ALL Power and Authority, touch, strengthen and heal your relationship to Him and let His love and power flow through, and change the world around you.

Happy and Blessed Resurrection Day...He is RISEN...Hallelujah!

Yours in the Lord,


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