Faith and Doctrine

This page is established in order to share with you the Foundational Principles of our Faith. We do NOT want to share a ‘watered down’ Christianity or preach a ‘strange gospel’. We want to share the TRUE Gospel of Christ Jesus, thus the TRUTH, which then could set people free. Read prayerfully and give us your Feedback or opinion. You could read or download to use in your life, Church, work or Ministry.

We are publishing now chapter by chapter about the Foundational Principles of the Christian Faith. Please pray and read. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through the whole truth while reading. Do NOT judge in advance, but give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to teach you.

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Chapter 1-  The Lordship of Jesus

Chapter 2- What being born again means?

Chapter 3-Water baptism

Chapter 4-  Baptism in Spirit

Chapter 5-  Communion

Chapter 6- Sowing and Reaping

Chapter 7-  Prayer

Chapter 8- Faith

Chapter 9- Healing

Chapter 10- Confessing God's Word

Chapter 11- The Resurrection

We pray that the Lord will use the TRUTH to set you free and let you enjoy a true fellowship with Jesus.

Biblical Study

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are presenting herewith the Epistle to the Saints in Rome, written by Apostle Paul in Corinth during his third visit to the city (2Cor 13:1;Acts 20:2). It was written ca. A.D. 56. The Epistle had its occasion in the intention of Apostle Paul to visit the believers in Rome and his desire to communicate to them the great doctrine of grace that had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. Understanding this Epistle and the Doctrine of Grace is essential for all those who believe in Jesus Christ. We should know, out of grace and mercy and His abundant love God saved us through faith in Jesus.


The scope or design of the Apostle in writing to the Romans appears to have been, to answer the unbelieving, and to teach the believing Jew; to confirm the Christian and to convert the idolatrous Gentile; and to show the Gentile convert as equal with the Jewish, in respect of his religious condition, and his rank in the Divine favour. These several designs are brought into on view, by opposing or arguing with the infidel or unbelieving Jew, in favour of the Christian or believing Gentile. The way of a sinner's acceptance with God, or justification in His sight, merely by grace, through faith in the righteousness of Christ, without distinction of nations, is plainly stated. This doctrine is cleared from the objections raised by Jews who have accepted Christ (Messianic Jews), who were for making terms of acceptance with God by a mixture of the law and the gospel, and for shutting out the Gentiles from any share in the blessings of salvation brought in by the Messiah. In the conclusion, holiness is further enforced by practical exhortations.

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