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This site supposed to keep you informed about the latest developments concerning the 153 Iraqi Christian refugees we are helping to be relocated. Please give then and your feedback and keep us in your daily prayer, always remembering their sufferance and needs.

'And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me...' Matt 25:40

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Your stand with them makes their life easier to bear and expresses Christian love for those who’ve lost everything and became refugees in a strange land just because of the name of Jesus.

##Soon we are going to publish a Full Report about the situation of Iraqi Christian Refugees.

Intentionally we did NOT publish them because some people abused our openness--- thank you for your prayer and understanding.

##Things have been happening in the 'background' since our Report but today Saturday, 7th of May, we want to mention few facts about their situation. Those who are back in Iraq they feel desperate (again?!) and lost, especially because they were not able to go back to their places; the Camps are overcrowded. Those who went to Germany are still waiting, as they told us, until the final decision of the German government, but they are hoping. They have many members who are sick and disabled and they need healthcare and it seems they received some. We keep praying for them, though we do not and did not approve of their departure to Germany. While talking to them we learnt a lot of things and the interview they granted TV Prima on the 23.April 2016


Without discussion it is clear that TV Prima did NOT broadcast the whole interview, which is not right, because that would confirm our stand. We said all accusations against us, that we' inspired' family Batto to leave the Czech Republic and go to Germany, were not true. Batto family informed the German authorities of this fact and the Press could ask the authorities in Germany for it... or ask Batto family for an interview to find the truth. Moreover it was clear that the whole work among refugee from the beginning was ours; Fond Generation 21 did NOT exist at that time for the refugees.

We have also information about the situation of some refugees who stayed in the Czech Republic; it seems there are some needs and sufferance too. We will pray and ask you to do the same because all need pray in Jesus holy name.

## On Thursday, 21st of April we received a call from Ismail, one of those refugees who were in Brno and he was confused and what he told us was a great shock “We are at the airport…leaving!” he told me. Then he added “We are confused and frightened and don’t know what to do…” and I could hear the announcements from the airport. What he said next brought tears to my eyes because he said “We WANT TO STAY, but they are telling us if we stay we must pay the expenses of the tickets they bought us…” I could feel he was confused from what he was saying then I asked him to let me talk to those accompanying them. First I spoke with somebody who could not speak very well English, then somebody said “My name is Petr…” and I spoke with him and mentioned what I just heard from Ismail. He told me about what was happening during the last days and how those refugees were changing their minds. I asked him “IF they want to stay…is that possible?” and he said “I must speak to my superior and come back to you, but some luggage are already in the airplane …” I continued talking to Ismail while hearing that person calling somebody, and then it was cut. Despite everything and no matter what those refugees did right or wrong, we feel sad. Yes, we know their statements were very confused and NOT according to what we know and what they’ve told us before, but we believe they needed help. Now that they flew away, we ask you for your prayers, because they told me “We don’t know where to go and ask you to help us find place to stay in Erbil…” though it won’t be so easy now. We promised to pray for them and ask those responsible and Churches in Erbil to help them. Your prayer is needed, no matter how confusing the situation might seem; pray that the Lord will comfort those families and help them to settle down. Pray especially for the children, who went through terrible times in travel and detention centre; may the Holy Spirit give them comfort.

##We avoided to mention or discuss the latest developments concerning the Iraqi refugees in order not to give the enemy a foot hold to attack. We only kept quiet, praying and seeking the Lord. Today Friday, 15th of April we received a call from some refugees and they are now in detention in the Czech Republic, thus our writing. We told them how foolish their attitude was and how their end would be, and reminded them of what we told them in Iraq. There we informed them that their asylum will be ONLY for the Czech Republic and they should be glad to be accepted. They wanted our advice and we made it clear that NOW it is their decision and it would be better if they apologise to the Czech Government and people and ask for asylum. We pray, and ask you to join us, that they'll be wise enough to make the right decision; may the Holy Spirit guide them.

## After a great and blessed start we are hearing about difficulties facing the initiative we started, and which Fond Generation 21 claimed to be theirs. There was a different agenda in their minds and the name of our Lord Jesus was blasphemed, thus the visible consequences; we are saddened to the heart and in prayer. Today Saturday, 2nd of April we want to ask you for your support and prayer; this time we are doing it depending absolutely on the Lord. To see the suspension of the relocation as the Ministry of Interior decided, and to hear the approval of the Prime Minister, we stand lost. It was JESUS Who opened the door to help His people, but the schemes of man and his devices caused all the damage. Families will be scattered, future of the children destroyed and great hopes dissipated; we pray that our Lord will open the door again. We will be visiting Iraqi Christian refugees in Prague today, listen to them and pray for them.This afternoon we will be calling those in Smilovice and inquiring about their situation; we believe they moved to different place to start a new, normal life. God willing we want to visit those in Brno tomorrow and try for the last time to persuade them to change their mind if that is still possible. We need your prayers and stand with us, because we've been trying to contact different Churches and Christian organisations asking for help.

##We received many message from the Iraqi Christian refugees in Jihlava describing their conditions and what is going on and today Thursday, 31st of March we are publishing this appeal. Of course we asked them to be quiet, to wait and pray until the situation changes and encouraged them to take the offered flats. They informed us that the responsible persons were treating them not in a dignified way, using threat and rough language. They added that Jan Talafant from Fond Generation 21 came in threatening them 'WHO wants to go back? I will send him back to Baghdad...'. This statement was confirmed later through a volunteer helping the refugees; she was there when that happened. Tomorrow they MUST leave the place they are staying at, called Okrouhlík . They appealed to us and asked for help; they don't want to be under the authority of Fond Generation 21 and have informed the Ministry of Interior about it in a written statement. We, as Christian, want to ask EVERY CHRISTIAN to help them. Please pray for them and help as much as you could; they have no money and nobody to help them but trust Jesus. We from ICOM want you to remember what Jesus said; helping them means helping Jesus personally. They are 23 people; 13 of them are children and ALL kind of help would be welcomed. We want them to stay and enjoy the peace they have here and told them that many times; after all what they went through they said 'We can not!'. Please contact us through E-mail or mobile and let's know how you could help; may the Lord increase you faith and joy.

##On Sunday, 20th of March a new group of Iraqi Christian refugees arrived in Prague; sadly we were NOT present: The changed arrival time coincided with our receiving an European Award in Slovakia! Still we are glad that they arrived safely here; there is still a spiritual battle going on and we just walk in victory. We were in continuous contact with the families and they informed us about their preparation and how they managed to reduce their stuff. Of course many of them went to relatives and friend to bid them farewell hoping to meet again, but not sure of the time. We kept them in our prayer and proclaimed protection and peace upon them, believing the Lord will bring them safely to Prague --- indeed He did. We were surprised though to hear the statements made by those representing Fond Generation 21 or by Firas; we believe the truth will prevail despite everything. Please continue praying with us that those refugees who are already here will enjoy peace of the Lord and the new arrivals will do the same.

## Though our schedule was crowded, we managed to visit the Iraqi Christian refugees in Smilovice on Friday, 18th of March and again we thank our Lord for preparing the ground for us. 

Those responsible people working there and helping refugees welcomed us and we expected to meet Benjamin Wojnar, the coordinator for that group, but he was not there. The refugees were very happy to see us again and we too because we have not seen them since their arrival; we were very busy and I was in Iraq too. 

We spoke with Najat, who has been under physical attack and suffers from diabetics; we prayed for her later and spoke words of comfort. When Benjamin Wojnar arrived he interrupted us and called me to 'discuss' few matters; we discussed everything with him with open heart. We listened to the refugees and they told them about their needs, but all of them were thankful to the Czech Government and the Czech people for helping them. 

They also showed us their books and spoke some Czech with us; amazing how fast they learnt! And while listening to them Benjamin Wojnar came to me again and said 'Can we talk for a minute' and we went with him. It was like a shock for us to hear him say that he was told we should NOT be allowed to talk to the Iraqi Christian refugees without interpreter and his presence! It was like forbidding us from visiting dear people whom we helped since they fled the slaughter of the ISIS, supported, registered and brought to the Czech Republic.

 Out of love, and because we have nothing to hide, we accepted that obligation and in his presence, with an interpreter we spoke to the people, read from the Bible and prayed. We encouraged them to continue learning, even after leaving the place and all of them promised to do so. Only Najat asked us for help to be moved somewhere else; we understand because she is suffering from diabetics and other health problems. After having a delicious meal with them, we thanked everybody, prayed and left to Slovakia; the Lord prepared a great surprise and blessing there. Please remember these people and keep them in your prayers. 

## The Lord blessed us again when we went with Iraqi Christian refugees from Jihlava to Prague on Saturday, 12th of March. It was a time of walking and talking, explaining things and comforting and finally to experience peace the way they should.

 In Iraq they don't have such possibility and many were killed, even in the capital Baghdad, when they were spotted and recognized as Christians. 

With Pastor Majid we had a wonderful, spiritual conversation; we talked about the way Christians should behave when they are abroad. We also discussed the possibilities of spiritual growth under persecution and how the conditions are varying from one place to the next. 

Of course the daily needs as well as what they are going through affect their ability even to study, they told me; which I could understand. 

Despite the displacement from their homeland and though they were refugee and ave lost everything, at least they had people around them to talk to. Currently separation from relatives and friends, which are valued differently in the Orient, are hurting many of them. We enjoyed the whole day with them, had lunch together and then prayed before leaving; they asked me for many things 

and I promised to come and talk to them again. Please keep them in your prayer and proclaim joy upon them in Jesus mighty name.

## Today Saturday, 12th of March we want to inform you about our visit on Friday,11th of March to the Christian refugees in Brno; it was a blessed time with them. 

The gracious Lord brought us safely back from Iraq on Thursday, the 10th and on the same day we held a Seminar about Islam in Křtiny. 

Then on Friday, 11th of March we visited the Iraqi Christian refugees located in Brno. We were surprised because our name was NOT written on the list containing people allowed to visit the refugees!!

When we arrived they were having their lesson to learn Czech and we watched them; the children were already speaking something. 

When we arrived they were having their lesson to learn Czech and we watched them; the children were already speaking something. 

We brought them greetings from Iraq, where the rest of their family still lives and that changed the atmosphere. Then we discussed with them some legal matters, explained their chances for a better future in the Czech Republic and encouraged them to be patient. 

Then we spoke with the volunteers who were helping them and asked about their behaviour and cooperation to learn and adapt. We also handed out some donations we received from Sister Iveta Danko; it was for the little children. 

After reading from the Bible we taught them some of the foundation of our Christian faith and finally prayed for them. Yes they have many needs and they wants to know many things, but one ting is certain: they are grateful to be in the Czech Republic and expressed gratitude for the help they are receiving. We promised to discuss their situation and come back to them; our prayer is to visit them on regular bases and we ask you to pray with us too.

## We bless the Lord for bringing us safely to Erbil and today Monday, 7th of February we want you to know that another step had been taken concerning the Iraqi Christian refugees. Another group went with us to apply for visa in preparation for their departure to the Czech Republic; all were present and we rejoiced with them. While waiting the General Consul arrived and spoke with us and made an appointment to talk to us later or next day. We also spoke with the representative of the Ministry of Interior concerning few issues and hope to talk to him again. As usual we instructed the people to show gratitude, which they did, and prepare in advance for their departure, taking only what is necessary. We also promised ti visit them and explain other legal matters, which we find as necessary for them to know. We must also inform you that Fond Generation 21 is NOT in contact with us since end of February, which we find not fitting for 'partners' . We ask for your prayers because we need to stand united in this matter in order not to endanger the future help for other refugees who would like to leave.

## Since the arrival of the third group of Christian refugees from Iraq we were busy helping and visiting them and today Wednesday, 2nd of March we are publishing the latest news. Those in Brno were glad to walk around the city and with them there was a guide showing them many historical sites and monuments.

Of course the Lord entrusted our Ministry with other obligations and we served Him at many places, still those refugees know and trust us and they need our help and support. As visible they were also learning the language; it is vital for their integration and the possibility of starting a new life. We encouraged them during our visits to learn the way of life in the Czech Republic in order to integrate.

Their families call us and ask about their where about and want from us a 'report' concerning the latest developments; we are glad to be able to do all of that. Even for the birthday there was a celebration and everybody was joyful; we believe this is what the Lord prepared for them

When we visited Jihlava onTuesday March, the 1st we surprised Helin for her birthday and brought some gifts too; it was our joy to go out with her. She appreciated our coming and the Lord blessed us with time of sharing, reading from the Bible and prayer.

 We listen to Pastor Majeed and brother George, listened to George sons and even the children; yes, indeed, things have to be changed at their place. They are hopefully because they trust what we told them and they will be sending us their feedback about their situation. Prayer is needed for the sick there and while we were there we so how much sufferance George and his family had to go through. Also Pastor Majeed is thinking of his children and their future; please join us from ICOM with our 24/7 Prayer Team (JHPH) and proclaim comfort for all of them.

Yes we still have some obstacles that causes us more sufferance and pain, but our faith is in Jesus our Lord and Saviour and we thank all of you for helping and supporting us when we started this initiative in October 2014. A lot is achieved since then, and the price of patiently waiting, suffering because of delay and financial needs was very heavy. We stand more than victorious in Christ Jesus and with you we rejoice, because things are happening in a positive way for these people. 

Please see these pictures and give thanks to the Lord; pray for the people and remember to cover them

with the precious blood of Jesus. Keep us informed IF you want to help them by any means because their arrival is the first, but not the final step.

## Everybody of those Iraqi Christian refugees needed rest and finally they are back to 'normal' life, though it is not normal any more. Today Monday, 22nd of February we are publishing some of the pictures after their arrival.

We also visited both those in Jihlava and Brno and we are planning to visit the third group in Smilovice; please keep us in your prayer. Yes, you could see they were tired but joyful and we from ICOM want to thank every one of you who kept us in their prayers and encourage you to continue. 

We have a real battle now and ahead and we could see new, not very friendly developments; your prayers could make a difference. Please remember that registering the names of these families was an initiative of ICOM, because our Saviour Jesus put it in our hearts. 

We will not forget the motivating visit of Pastor David Loula and the long conversation and prayer we had together in our Mission House. That many others, especially widows and orphans, are waiting is a reality; we believe this is the beginning but not the end and we trust the Lord to bring more of His people over to the Czech Republic. 

See the pictures and notice the joy of those faces; the Lord did the miracle and we want it to continue. Whether in Jihlava, despite the false accusation and attacks directed against some refugees, we trust the Lord will silence those who do not speak the truth. 

The arrived few days ago and they are immediately willing to learn the Czech language and start a new life; we are praying for them. 

Our eyes are also on the little children; many like them were killed or crucified by the IS. We pray these will have a better future and would be blessing for the Czech Republic. They were happy and with joy went to Church, probably for the first time without fear.

We appreciate what the local Churches are doing and mention, as an example, Brother Bob (Bohumil Hampl from Brno) who was helping on different levels. People like him are needed and anyone of you could be a partner and helper when needed; you are sowing in the Kingdom of God when helping His people. 

We visited one group in Brno and were glad to be with them; we read from the Bible, prayed for many and even had lunch with them. Later they sent us some photos after going our--- without fear--- and walking around the city. We pray that with time they'll receive healing for their souls and bodies.

We will be publishing a new Report about our activities among those Iraqi refugees who've arrived in the Czech Republic. We need every believer in Jesus Christ to stand with us and be united in prayer; without prayer and faith in Him, Who hears and answers prayers, we will not be able to achieve anything.

## Since Wednesday, 17th of February our Team did not sleep, because we were busy with the preparation for the departure of another group of Christian refugees from Iraq to the Czech Republic. 

And today, Friday 19th of February we were so far; without sleeping the whole night, and after a long day of running here and there, we went to Erbil International Airport. 

The families, some relatives and friends were there with their 'luggage' and they nearly brought everything with them. 

It seems they were not willing to leave the 'past' behind and want to cling to 'something' which could remind them of the lost home and property. 

But we thank the Lord it was managed somehow and finally we moved from one section to the next but another problem arouse and we informed both Jan Talafant and Dan Drapal from Fond Generation 21 about it. 

The issued visa was a 'C' type and that requires a return and not one-way ticket. We prayed and our Lord Jesus did the miracle; the person responsible spoke with me and after knowing that I am from his town, he was willing to let's go...praises be to our God!

Finally we were in Istanbul and we had some rest, but also Bible reading and prayer in front of everybody; food was distributed later and extra information too. 

Everybody was excited but also exhausted and many laid down to rest, especially the children, while we sorted some matters out and prepare for the next step. Finally it was time to fly and the Lord made it easy for us, though one person fainted and he was so cold like dead; we prayed and the Lord revived him and we arrived safely in Prague at around 3 pm. 

Everything went as planned, though few luggage went to the 'wrong' place and were picked up later. On arrival also everyone, and this time for the first time, the director general of ICOM was allowed to stand with the refugees during the television interviews. 

It is an honour to our Lord to see our Ministry, finally, fully represented to the press and not 'hiding; it behind as during the former arrivals. 

After the reception and interviews all were driven to Jihlava; part of the refugees were dropped there while the rest continued to Česki Tešin . With those in Jihlava we had a time of prayer together with a dinner, which was prepared for them, and of course we had a long conversation with them.

##Our Team flew again back to Erbil, Iraq on Sunday, 14th of February in order to help with the procedure of applying for visa and then flying. 

Today, Tuesday, the 16th we were very busy with many activities among refugees, trying to sort out some misunderstanding as well as prepare for the departure of others who've obtained visa. 

Then some news reached us from the Czech Republic concerning some events there; the press seemed very glad to find 'something' to use and defame our initiative. The refugees in Jihlava contacted and informed us about some attempts by some members to 'separate' them from ICOM and 'use' them for definite purpose. 

It makes us sad to hear such news and we prayed and rebuked such attempts because the goal is noble and the ways should be pure and godly. Still we receive some good and encouraging news from one family in Jihlava and we visited the parents of the wife (Nibras) and informed them. Our prayer, and yours, could make it possible for our initiative to help Christian refugees successful.

##Your prayers are needed as we asked through our 24/7 Prayer Team(JHPH) because of many negative events that caused us a lot of troubles. Today Saturday, 13th of February, we are asking again to remember the Iraqi Christian refugees. According to the information we are receiving daily from them personally, there is lack of communication, mismanagement and misunderstanding. All have to be dealt with through prayer and if necessary, and we believe so, through confession and repentance. Believing in and following a holy God demands exactly that from us. We must ask ourselves: WHY there are such attacks in such intensity?And why now? That a refugee child falls down and breaks his leg, that his uncle falls down and breaks his tooth, that the press spreading falls interpretation of what Gorgees Batto said(We heard and translated exactly what he said; the Muslim interpreter did NOT translate his words exactly but falsified and added to them!)...and we can go on and on, but ALL must have also a spiritual cause. We stand with and for the truth and have responsibility before these refugees; they trusted us and believed what we told them. It is our responsibility to keep them protected and to see that their needs are met. Your stand with us, especially through prayer, could radically change the situation because we believe in and pray to a living God.

##We were in contact with the newly arrived Iraqi Christian refugees following the latest developments in their life after arriving in the Czech Republic. Yesterday, Tuesday, 9th of February was a very busy day because we received calls from those in Jihlava. They were taken out of the place they are staying at and taken to the centre of Jihlava; the intention was to show them their probable future new address. It was just a first step to integrate in society and start a new life, feeling free and serving the Lord. Unfortunately it turned out to a tragic event and people were complaining; we felt sad because of lack of coordination and misunderstanding. We were praying, then calling everywhere trying to resolve the matter but there was nobody to contact or speak to us from 'the other side'. We decided, after prayer, to contact Pastor David Loula who was even willing to come and meet us; a decision that we appreciate. On his arrival many issues were discussed and finally Jan Dezort from Fond Generation 21 called us; they needed help with the situation in Jihlava. Of course we did our best to settle the matter but there was a bitter taste left behind; we believe it is because of some wrong decisions, missteps and other reason that we are now at this low point. We should be standing victorious and triumphant instead of dragging our feet like this; strong prayer is needed and we thank you for joining us in Jesus holy name.

## Seeing God's goodness every day surprises us despite our faith and today Saturday, 6th of February we inform you about 'God's ways'. Yes, He did it again and brought more Iraqi Christian refugees to Prague, thus to a place where they could, finally, find and live in peace. 

Our Team flew at 4:20 am from Erbil to meet them in Istanbul and there was great joy, though all were tired (See the pictures). 

They spoke about many things, including the children and their future, but we comforted them with words from the Bible and prayed together. 

Again there was some complication and two families were delayed in Beirut, Lebanon, but we trust the Lord will bring them in time. We from ICOM know these families from the very day they arrived in Erbil after the so called IS attacked their town Qara Qosh. 

We supplied them with their needs from the very first day and were glad that the father Gorgees (We call him George, which is it's translation in Arabic) helped us with our work. We supported them to find a place to stay and provided for their daily needs, from food to drink and medicine.

When the moment of leaving Istanbul came the little child said ' Are we going to Czech now?' the whole time he was crying because airplanes were flying without them 'There will not be any plane for us' he said !!

We arrived safe and the group was treated well from the beginning; many including Dan Trapal from Fond Generation 21, Karel Sedlacek (From ICEJ), Ing. Michaela Šojdrova (From the European Parliament) and of course the press were waiting. The children received gifts from Czech children and and every was greeted and kissed and then George spoke to the press. 

He made a very good statement starting with a verse from the Bible then he thanked the Czech Republic, us as ICOM as well Fond Generation 21 and Barnabas Fond and closed with a prayer. 

The press spoke to many of them and they made a clear and short statements committing themselves to living in peace and serving the Czech Republic. Our Team from ICOM drove with them to Jihlava, where they were welcomed (again!) by the press first then Pastor Radim Fiedler welcomed them and ask them if they could speak to the press, which they did. Then all were invited 

for 'Iraqi dinner' cooked by the first group of Iraqi Christian refugees; joy was visible on their faces and just after dinner the television showed reports about their arrival. Please rejoice with us and continue praying for protection and safe arrival of the rest.

## We have been receiving very positive echo from the press concerning the ten Iraqi Christian refugees who've reached the Czech Republic and we thank the Lord. Today Thursday, 4th of February we want you to rejoice with us because new step had been taken to secure their future. Yesterday we've spoken with Pastor M. who is one of them and we were very delighted to hear another good news and want you to pray with us. The Czech authorities have already granted all of them asylum and we must shout with joy HALLELUJAH! Yes it is our Lord Who've been taking care of them, guiding them step by step and giving them protection as well as favour. Your stand with us since we started the process of registering those Christian refugees in October 2014, your prayer and support made it possible for them to come so far. We want to encourage you to continue your prayer and intercession for them and for their future. You should also remember they are but few people compared to the thousands of other suffering Christian refugees who are in dire need of your help. Proclaim peace upon them and claim progress in the processing of their cases; we are asking different countries to accept some of them. On our next list we have at least 30 widows and we strongly believe they need help and they need it soon. 

## Praises be to our Lord Who's opened the door for some of His people to live in peace and without fear in the Czech Republic. 

And today Monday, 1st of February we are informing you about the latest development at Jihlava, where ten Christian refugees are settled for now. 

Yes, there were some surprises for the 'new-comers' and it seems heaven prepared a nice surprise for them, because the ground was covered with snow and frozen. They enjoyed it though and slowly but surely the adapted which could make their lives easier. 

That they could cook by themselves was the best what they could receive and it helps them to feel 'home'. From the very beginning the began cooking and showing their abilities; the locals seem to enjoy such new kitchen. And Pastor M. is busy feeding the 'sheep' and all are enjoying the blessing they received.

We pray that the contact with the locals and the first lessons to learn the Czech language will help them to adjust their life and begin to live a normal life after all the sufferance and losses they went through. Our hope that everyone of you would be a blessing for them by helping them through your prayers and to accompany them in the future. We encourage the local Churches to reach out to these people and to help them have a spiritual life as well. They could be an enrichment to the Church and an encouragement to others; please ask others to join you in your prayers and help. Your stand with them is essential and we thank the Lord for you.

##We thank the Lord for the positive progress with the situation of the first 10 Iraqi Christian refuges in Jihlava, especially after they went to the authorities and officially applied for political asylum. Today Thursday, 28th of January we would like to inform you and publish some pictures asking you to pray with us.

##We thank the Lord for the positive progress with the situation of the first 10 Iraqi Christian refuges in Jihlava, especially after they went to the authorities and officially applied for political asylum. Today Thursday, 28th of January we would like to inform you and publish some pictures asking you to pray with us.

Rejoice with us and give thanks because our God is mighty and HE is the One Who's opened the door; yes by His Spirit He does things. They were welcomed by many dignitaries from the European Parliament as well as the Speaker of the Czech Parliament. Fond Generation 21 was present everywhere and THEY were the ones speaking to TV Stations and journalists.

We are glad that two representative of Barnabas Fond spoke with us and we could mention ICOM; we are glad that YOU know better who was the one behind this great success. 

Please keep praying for the rest of those Iraqi Christian refugees until all of them will arrive safely and live in peace. We will publish more pictures and give you links to see by yourself.

We went with them in a bus from the airport in Prague to Jihlava where they supposed to stay for a while, before being moved to other places. They'll start learning the language, study if necessary and of course look for the right jobs. We are glad to stress the great role the local Church in Jihlava played to make their arrival peaceful and full with joy.

## Those Iraqi Christian refugees in Lebanon might be facing a big problem and their departure could be delayed! It seems the Lebanese authority supposed to be notified in advance (at least three weeks earlier) before leaving the country. If that stand as it is, a delay would be expected, thus the hope of those Christian refugees would be shattered and their departure on coming Sunday, the 24th , would be cancelled. It is devastating for us too, because we've changed our schedule in order to be with them and serve them after their arrival.Please pray with us and trust the Lord in His ways.

## Today Wednesday, 20th of January we contacted those Iraqi Christian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon and learnt about the latest developments. It is good to know that they went to UNHCR and finished all the necessary paperwork and received a receipt to pay the demanded taxes.They needed some financial support to pay it and pay for other needs, which was sent to them and our coordinator, Brother Firas, informed them. We know that they've received the money but we are bothered with another matter.

## The arrival of some Iraqi Christian refugees is approaching and God willing they should arrive in Prague on coming Sunday, 24th of January. We from ICOM were with them in Beirut, Lebanon, represented through our coordinator, Brother Firas, while having their interviews, and God willing, we will be present on their arrival in Prague. We supposed to drive with them to Jihlava, where they'll be staying for a while.

The breakthrough came when the Czech Government finally approved the relocation of 153 Iraqi Christian refugees on the 14 of December 2015 and authorized their relocation. This clip from the Czech Television shows a historical moment in the history of Europe in general and the Czech Republic in special. It reminds us of those brave heroes during the Second World War, who risked their lives just to save some Jews from the Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany. We are so grateful that the List we started writing in October 2014, through the initiative of ICOM and encouraging of Pastor David Loula, has finally been approved. It was our heart-desire to see these suffering Christians living in peace, after they've lost everything, including beloved ones and all their property. We thank our God, the Saviour of the whole world, Who made it possible, after all sufferance and waiting, for these few Christian refugees, to have a better future. Thousands others are patiently waiting, slowly but surely losing hope because the situation is getting worse and worse by the day. Join ICOM and our 24/7 Prayer Team (JHPH) and continue praying until the Lord bring a final breakthrough.