We are but the birth of a long journey and travail that took us over 35 years with God...

Official announcement:

We are sorry to inform you that our Website is CLOSED and our Office in Erbil, Iraq

IS ALREADY moved to Amman, Jordan...!

The main and ONLY reason is: The unlawful occupation of our Office in 

Quarter Gulan 121/1882 

Erbil, Iraq

We tried the legal and lawful way since over TWO years, contacted ALL responsible authorities, spoke with Legal Advisers and followed the advice of our lawyer.

After a SHORT success, when those occupying our Office moved away, they came back and reoccupied our Office, which we couldn't believe it could happen again!

We are an officially registered Ministry, have International Responsibility and take our Calling and Service to help refugees, widows, orphans, elderly and sick people in need in Kurdistan and worldwide, seriously.

Since the responsible authorities in Kurdistan failed us, we had no other alternative but to MOVE OUR OFFICE AWAY from Kurdistan, Iraq...!

For us it is a heart-breaking decision, but it was necessary and due after waiting for over TWO long years.

We had to inform our Partners, Supporters and responsible authorities everywhere we work, including the UN; thus we don't really know right now WHICH kind of consequences our decision could cause.

The Presidency & Director General

We are officially registered under the name: ICOM-LLC

ID: S7161583

DCN: 17-11-21-6624